Friday, July 31, 2009

Peas Anyone?!

Brody will happily share his peas with you because he does NOT like them but good to note that I also HATE peas but I don't want my food aversions to rub off on him so it was important that he try them!! So tonight we thought we'd add vegetables to his evening meal of rice to give a little variety and taste to his meal. From the first bite on he hated every minute of it, would cringe each time he got a bit and had the worst facial expressions. I read on line that it takes some time for them to get used to the taste of new foods so I thought I better just keep feeding him...then Nana decided she'd give him the last two spoon fulls of peas and well, Brody has a great gag reflex because he did it twice and then gave her a dirty look. While it wasn't funny, it really was!! Now the question is, do we try peas again tomorrow night??This picture makes me laugh, as this was the look the entire time!!Brody saying, "For real, I'm done with the peas, these things are gross"

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