Thursday, January 20, 2011


Brody is a real character...he's talking up a storm using 3 word sentences and we have to be real careful about what we say around him as he likes to repeat everything...can you say filter! Recently his favorite thing to say is "Dolly NO" and he shakes his finger at her. I've got to admit that it's all my fault because I tell Dolly no a lot as she begs for treats often! We've got him in swim lessons every Sunday and will continue to enroll him indefinitely...he loves the water! School is going very well, teachers continue to tell us he's doing great and is right on track. Recently we've been very deliberate about sharing because he's into the "mine" stage. So we share everything...the best are the soggy gold fish!

Jason and Brody at swimclassBrody has a sweet tooth just like his mommy and daddy!
Brody chillin on the couch watching Little Einstein
Brody loves to wear our shoes, here he is in Pop's boots...not so easy to walk in!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Day

Some family snap shots from Christmas day...wish Cam would have been looking at the camera!

Santa Arrived

Santa brought Brody a kitchen this year for Christmas and Santa's little elf had to put it together on Christmas eve. No small task for sure, tons of small parts and cheap plastic didn't make Santa's little helper very happy! Brody really enjoys his kitchen but he's a bigger fan of all the fake food that we got to go with it, you know all the stuff that was a fraction of the cost of the kitchen!

Christmas morning, checking out his new kitchen!
Brody sharing half and egg and some ice with his little brother! (don't you love
their pj's, Thanks Nana!!)

Gingerbread House

This gingerbread house isn't going to win any awards for creativity but Brody had so much fun decorating and eating all the candy/icing! He's got a definite sweet tooth just like his mommy and daddy!

Camden 13 weeks

Such a happy little boy...a far cry from his newborn stage! Thankfully he's outgrown the nightly crying and is so much fun!

Baking With Nana

One of the many things we got Brody for Christmas was the learning tower, which is a platform with sides that allows him to be counter height and help in the kitchen. He loves to be able to see and help when cooking. Pops got it all put together just in time for Nana to start baking. As you can see Brody was loving every minute of it, especially the taste test!