Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time With Friends

JRo, Logan and Landon as well as Chad and Blake came over to help celebrate the holidays! We had pizza and wine and let the kids play.

Cam and BlakeBrody sharing his new toy with Landon
Auntie JRo, Cam, Isla and Mia
Me and Cam
Brody and his favorite Auntie JRo
We missed Disney on Ice but Auntie JRo brought Brody a fun spinning toy from the show!
Uncle Chad and Auntie Kristy always pick the best gifts! Brody
got a talking/dancing Mickey Mouse this year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mia and Isla's Visit

My best friend Mia came to visit us in Minnesota for a week. It was so much fun to finally see her and meet her precious little girl Isla. Her wonderful husband Zums plotted the whole trip out with Jason and surprised Mia and I! We didn't do a whole lot while they were here as it was so cold and we had tons of snow! The beauty of a dear friend is that you don't have to do anything but enjoy each others company!

Mia brought matching PJ's for all 3 kids to wear. Of course we had envisioned wonderful pictures in front of the Christmas tree with all 3 kids looking right at the camera but as you can see that didn't work out! I laugh when I look at these pics, trying to pose and prop them was not an easy job!

Isla was loving on Brody!
Best friends catching up over a glass of wine!
Story time with Auntie MiaMia and Isla

Camden 11 weeks

What a sweet baby boy we have now, we've turned the corner from the crying nights!!! PRAISE GOD! He's such a sweetie now, he smiles all the time and loves to talk/coo. Why is it that they turn the corner to a happy baby right when it's time to go back to work?! We still have sleep challenges...when he had colic for 6 weeks we held him in the evenings once he fell asleep as we didn't want to "wake the dragon" we've created a baby that can't seem to sleep unless he's being held. Obviously when he was crying we had to do it but now reversing that is very difficult! He starts daycare next week and its going to be very hard for him adjusting to not being held, breaks my heart quiet honestly. Speaking of daycare, ughh, it doesn't get any easier with baby #2, I dread next weeks drop off. So hard when they are so tiny...I know he'll be in good hands, both of the teachers Brody had are still in that same room so I do have some comfort in knowing he will be well cared for!

How cute is this hat, I ordered it from a lady on that Aunt Amy introduced me to!

Family Pictures

WOW is all i can say, trying to get a 22m old toddler to look at the camera and smile on command, NOT happening at our house! This was our 3rd reschedule of family pictures so we ended up just doing them at our house. Paula came around 9am and Brody was having a tough morning with tears and all but we decided to give it a shot. The pics are ok considering what we went through to get these, we'll take them. In hind sight the shoot was quiet comical with glass Christmas ornaments being thrown and shattered to tearing the Christmas tree apart, tantrams and tears...ohh Brody we love you but some days you really do give us a run for our money! Next year we'll do it in Oct so we can be outside, hopefully we'll have a more complaint toddler (I know, don't count on it right!!)!
This could have been a really cute pic but Brody cracked his head on Cam's head and
that was the end for the little baby. (last photo taken!)

This is Brody's "ohh no" face...this happened after several glass ornaments were broken!

Bountiful Brunch

My dear friends JRo and Jen hosted a brunch in my honor last weekend. After having Baby Cam I hadn't been out of the house much for social activities so this was the perfect way to get me back into the social scene! It was so delightful with wonderful friends, both new and old. They had all sorts of delicious treats including mimosas and a bloody Mary bar. I couldn't have asked for a nicer morning! Thanks Ladies! (Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone who came!)
Hostesses JRo, Jen and I
Laura, Megan, Emily and SarahKari, Holly and meSo glad Nancy was in town so she could attend!Story behind "welcome bitches"...I've been know to call my girlfriends "bitches" after
a few cocktails, all in good fun of course!
Crazy Alli, me and Jenny
Laurie, me and Rachel

Cool Dude

These pictures make me smile as Brody was having a good time wearing them around the house.Daddy modeling Brody's sunglasses...

Jenee's Visit/ Cam 10 wks

My sister in law, Jenee was in town for work so she was able to come and meet Camden for the first time! Obviously having 4 children of her own she was a natural with Cam! She and my brother are also Camden's godparents! It was great having her here and really makes us wish we had family closer!
Fun airplane toy that Aunt Jenee brought for Brody!

Nancy's Visit

My dear friend Nancy and her boyfriend Gert came to meet Baby Cam and see the rest of us. It was so much fun having both of them here, they played with Brody non stop that weekend!

Nancy, Gert and Brody playing with all his jungle and farm animals
Gert showed Brody how to race his matchbox cars down his roller coaster in the basement!Leave it to Auntie Nancy to utilize tinfoil for some fun around the house!

He was loving the tinfoil so much he wanted to keep it on his arms until bed!