Friday, June 25, 2010

Pool Time

Brody is loving the water this summer, once he gets used to the chill of the you can't get him out!! Last weekend we hit the Lifetime Pool and met up with Emily for some fun in the sun!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

You always hope that when you get married your spouse be a great parent to your children...but you never know until you're in the midst of that time in your life. Well I'm here to say that I've truly been blessed with an incredible husband who's a wonderful dad to Brody! I'm so thankful that Jason has taken such an active role and is such an incredible role model to our son. Brody and Jason have such an incredible bond already, I can't wait to see how their relationship blossoms over the years! Thanks for being such a great daddy!

Below are a few pictures that were taken back when Brody was just 1 week old, amazing how they change in just 16 months!! (I love looking back at old photos so i felt this was the perfect time to post them!!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

B2's Furniture and Crib Bedding

Gosh, when I was pregnant with Brody I took tons of belly shots and gave lots of updates...round 2 I've only take belly shots once...I'm afraid B2's baby book in the beginning is going to be a little sparse!
When my mom was here Jason and I were able to go shopping for baby furniture. We looked on line at Munire, the same brand we got Brody...and found something that we liked and sure enough, loved it even more in person. Below is a picture of the crib and dresser/bookshelf combo we ordered. We also got a night stand and a really awesome recliner chair that you just push the button and it reclines for you...will be perfect for all those late night feedings! Cool boy bedding is really hard to come by, so prior to finding out the sex of B2, I searched all over on line to find something cool. Below is what we ended up going with, modern square print with light yellow, bright orange, chocolate brown, tan, bright blue and an army green color (an odd color pallet but they seem to work well together!). The walls will be a light yellow/butter color and then Jason will be painting squares in the other various colors. We haven't ironed out the exact design just yet but it will be equally as cool as Brody's room!

16 months old

Such a big boy! This Monday he officially moves up to the toddler room at daycare. Both Jason and I are thrilled with this, based on his recently biting incidents we figured he was getting bored in his current room, and sure enough last week he was transitioning to the toddler room and had no issues with biting. In fact a couple of different days when Jason and I went to pick him up, he wasn't nearly as excited to see us as he normally is in the old i guess this is a good thing!

He's jabbering a lot, still not a huge vocab but he's coming around. Being the oldest in Infant B room didn't help his speech so now being the youngest in the toddler should help move his vocab along nicely! He's very good at baby sign so at least we aren't frustrated as we always know what he wants! He's really into books, enjoys building towers with blocks and of course, like most boys, likes to play ball. He's still an ultra picky eater, Jason blames this on me...which is probably true, while growing up the only thing I ever wanted was a cheeseburger with only ketsup!! Right now he's big into fruit and loves anything carb related but can you blame him?! His meat in take is poor, he will put most anything in his mouth (which is great) but typically spits it back out. I'm thinking that J and I have been too accommodating for the little guy because at school he eats it all! Go figure!

Here's Brody with his newest favorite snack, cracker with cream cheese on it.
(thanks to the Bennett-Ward girls!!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ward Family Picture

When we were in Maryland a couple of weeks for John and Judy's 40th wedding anniversary we had a Ward family picture taken. Given all the people I think it turned out really good!

Lake Calhoun Walk

Last Sunday morning Brody and I took a nice brisk walk around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. (It's no Lake Michigan in Chicago but it'll do!) We stopped at the beach so Brody could play a bit as he was getting tired of his stroller!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nana's Visit

My mom has never been afraid of hard work and getting her hands dirty and she accomplished both while visiting us a couple of weeks ago!! My mom is incredible with her yard, tending to all her flowers and just making everything look so pretty, so I had mentioned that our landscape "needed some work", so she said she'd help out when she was here. Little did Jason and I know that the landscape, according to "the gardener" needed a lot of work. First off, she pulled all the weeds, that alone was no simple task, then she planted all sorts of new stuff and moved some other stuff around, then she "fluffed" all our mulch to make it look new again (which saved us $500 as i had just gotten a quote from a landscaper) and much much more! I think she spent at least 3 days out there and several neighbors commented about how great it looked and asked if she was "for hire"...LOL! We can't thank her enough for all her labor in our yard, now the biggest task is to keep it looking perfect until she returns in Sept! THANK YOU NANA!!!!

i know she hates this picture but i love it...this is what you call "hard at work"!!
Brody and Nana find time for a ride in the cozy coupe!Saturday we blew up this fun little pool for Brody to splash around in. He hated it! The problem was the water that shoots out is ICE cold, so we couldn't let the sun warm it! He loves the water but not when it's freezing cold!