Friday, July 31, 2009

Peas Anyone?!

Brody will happily share his peas with you because he does NOT like them but good to note that I also HATE peas but I don't want my food aversions to rub off on him so it was important that he try them!! So tonight we thought we'd add vegetables to his evening meal of rice to give a little variety and taste to his meal. From the first bite on he hated every minute of it, would cringe each time he got a bit and had the worst facial expressions. I read on line that it takes some time for them to get used to the taste of new foods so I thought I better just keep feeding him...then Nana decided she'd give him the last two spoon fulls of peas and well, Brody has a great gag reflex because he did it twice and then gave her a dirty look. While it wasn't funny, it really was!! Now the question is, do we try peas again tomorrow night??This picture makes me laugh, as this was the look the entire time!!Brody saying, "For real, I'm done with the peas, these things are gross"

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Recently Brody has been very intrigued with Dolly. He watches her every move and when he gets close enough he reaches for her. Of course Dolly could care less about Brody...until of course he's chasing her around pulling her tail, then that will be a whole different story! Obviously the texture of her fur is very much of interest to Brody right now, Jason likes to have Brody pet her, "nice kitty", at first she was ok with it then later, she hunkered down, saying "get your hands off me boy"...!

My First Trip Away From Brody

UGG...tomorrow morning I leave for Boston for our national sales meeting, I have a 7am flight out of MSP so that means I get to leave home at 5am in order to get to the airport. I thought of a million excuses "why" I could miss my flight but none of them seemed like they'd really fly if tested so I'll suck it up and head out. I return on Thursday night at 11pm so of course Brody will be in bed when i get home, so that means I won't get to squeeze my little guy until Friday. After 6 months of non stop time with Brody, I think there is a REALLY good chance this week is going to stink! It's amazing the love you have for your baby, I love my husband to pieces and he's my best friend but with Brody its an all new kind of love...I know all parents say that but until you have one of your own you don't know what its like.

Jason and I were both thankful that Nana was able to come up for the week while I was away other wise Brody would spend from 7am to 6pm at daycare as Jason would have to drop off and pick up. So it's nice quality time for Brody and Nana as she's planning to keep him home all week with her. I know they'll manage without me but I sure will miss them!!

Girls Night Out...

Would you believe that Friday night was the first time I've been out with the ladies since Brody's been born, that's nearly 6 months!! That all changed on Friday night as 16 of us girls ventured over to St Paul to partake in the Pedal Pub. Sounds interesting ehh, well it is...its this incredibly designed bar on wheels and you pedal it around, drink beer and stop at random bars. There is a main lady in the front who works for the company that steers and stops it, tells us when to really pedal and when to stop hootin' and hollerin' (which as you can image with 16 girls, who have been drinking) is quiet the task! Let me tell ya, it was A LOT more work than i had thought, would you believe in 2 hours I only drank 3 beers?!? Not to mention you sit in a bike sandle and well each bar stop I felt like I had been riding a horse...!! We had so much fun and laugher is the best medicine of all...thanks for a great time ladies!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brunch Club

Today we had our monthly brunch club and we went to Redstone in Minnetonka. It's always fun to catch up with the other couples and try a new place for brunch. The best thing about Redstone is that your appetizer, included with all brunch orders, is a HUGE ohhh so yummy cinamon roll!! Oink, Oink!!

Anna lee, Leyton, Becky, Little Brody, me, Rachel, Big Brody and Jesse

Aunt Jesse, Aunt Jesse!!!

This week Aunt Jesse came to Minneapolis from Maryland to meet Brody. She arrived on Friday and left today, so it was a short trip but we loved every minute of it! On Friday night she and Jason went to the Keb Moe concert at the zoo, yesterday it was a bit chilly so we hung at home and then Jesse, Brody and I went for a 3 mile walk around Lake Calhoun and topped the walk off with a trip to YUM for a gourmet cupcake! Today, we had brunch club at Red Stone, then of course, what is a trip to MN without stopping by the world's largest mall...Mall of America. It's really good that Jesse lives far away as I think we'd be trouble together at a mall on a regular basis, we'll just leave it at that (Brody will never tell our secrets!!). Thank you so much for visiting us Aunt Jesse!

Daddy and Brody

Brody is getting to be such a big boy...Jason can actually put him on his shoulders supported now! It won't be long and Brody will be sitting my himself! Brody is 5 1/2 months already!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mmmm Cereal...

Well it's certainly no Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles but we are moving in that direction! On Monday night we gave Brody his first taste of rice cereal. The reviews from his facial expressions were mixed, at one point he tried to grab the spoon and shove it in his mouth and then 10 seconds later you'd have thought we were feeding him the worst thing ever, he just couldn't decide.

My mom was here and she said that we should really try everything that we feed Brody...umm my own breast milk mixed with rice cereal...not so much. BUT last night I decided to give myself a little taste test, so I dipped my finger in the bowl and tried it, well honestly it was WORSE than I had thought it would much that it left this odd taste in my mouth.

We are really looking forward to giving him some "real" food!

Happy Gram

On several occasions we have found Brody's attention to the ladies (young and old) to be quiet humorous. There have been numerous times at daycare where Brody's been most interested in the baby girls verse the baby boys. For example during tummy time or back time on the mat, he prefers to stare and reach for the other little girls verses the little boys. A couple of teachers have made comments about him already being a flirt, which just makes me giggle. Yesterday we received this "Happy Gram" from his daycare teachers and they commented about his fondness for the girls! I just had to post this as some day he'll look back and laugh at this!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A message from Brody: (Paige is his daycare girlfriend)

Hi Mommy and Daddy!

I have had a great week at school! I played with my friends on the ABC mat and I love my tummy time a lot more now! I try to reach for toys in front of me too. Me and Paige like playing together and make funny faces at each other! See you tonight!

Love, Brody

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Throw Back...!

I always tease my mom that she saves everything but this past weekend i was thankful that she did! She brought me the first tub (of many)...that house the toys I used to once play with when I was little. It was like Christmas all over again as I pulled out each item and reminisced about when I got it and how much I loved that particular toy at the time! Of course being that Brody is a boy my mom left the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Barbi dolls and other random dolls at home for when and if we ever have a little girl, however in the bottom of one bin were some Cabbage Patch Kids...not of them as I was a spoiled little brat with some 10 dolls!

Not only did she bring some toys, but she also had 4 baby blankets that were made for me when I was a baby...! Thanks for hording mom, I promise to never tease you about it again!!

Who Remembers Pound Puppies and Pound Kitties??A few of my Cabbage Patch Kids...

A FUN Night Out

Big date night on Saturday! Geoff, Jenee, Mike, Tara, Jason and I headed to Stella's for cocktails and dinner, while Mom stayed home and put Brody to bed! We got the best seat in the house, the rooftop corner and the weather was beautiful. We also had a great waiter who always made sure our drinks were full! I've discovered a new favorite drink, sweet tea vodka with lemonade...tastes like an Arni Palmer with a kick!

Here we were having WAY too much fun with the "fishface". Our waiter kept laughing about me snapping all sorts of pictures and said, "I bet you don't have any fish face pics at home"...which I didn' we spent the next 30 mins mastering the fish face for the photos. These pictures reinforce that, THERE IS A KID IN EVERY ADULT!! I haven't laughed that hard in SO long!

Brody's Baptism

This past weekend was Brody's baptism at St Philips Lutheran Church in Fridley MN. Jesse's cousin John perform the baptism at the church even though we weren't a member, Thanks Pastor John!

We had a few friends over prior to the baptism for a light lunch of home made chicken salad (courtesy of my mom) on croissants, a fruit salad, chips and for dessert was strawberry cheesecake. It was a nice, intimate gathering. Thanks to the Datus', Jacobs, Osendorf's, Mike and Tara, Kristy and Nana for making the day so special for Brody!

A BIG thanks to JRo, Jesse, Uncle Geoff and Aunt Jenee for being godparents to Brody. I know the four of you will always look after him and be an important part of his life.

Best Buds!

It was fun to see Brody and Landon interact this past Saturday. Landon of course is 16 weeks older than Brody so he's already talking up a storm and Brody was very interested in what Landon had to say. I always think of the movie "Looks Who's Talking" when you put babies together. What do you think they are saying to one another???

Uncle Geoff and Aunt Jenee Come To Visit!

Not only did Nana come to Minnesota but so did Uncle Geoff and Aunt Jenee. I was so happy that they were able to come for the weekend and spend some quality time with Brody. Of course given they have 4 kids of their own, whom the youngest is now 3, they quickly got back into the groove of dealing with a baby. We definitely need to get to St Louis and introduce Brody to all his cousins at the Datus' house!!

this picture is the best, looks like Brody is telling Aunt Jenee and secret