Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A FUN Night Out

Big date night on Saturday! Geoff, Jenee, Mike, Tara, Jason and I headed to Stella's for cocktails and dinner, while Mom stayed home and put Brody to bed! We got the best seat in the house, the rooftop corner and the weather was beautiful. We also had a great waiter who always made sure our drinks were full! I've discovered a new favorite drink, sweet tea vodka with lemonade...tastes like an Arni Palmer with a kick!

Here we were having WAY too much fun with the "fishface". Our waiter kept laughing about me snapping all sorts of pictures and said, "I bet you don't have any fish face pics at home"...which I didn't...so we spent the next 30 mins mastering the fish face for the photos. These pictures reinforce that, THERE IS A KID IN EVERY ADULT!! I haven't laughed that hard in SO long!

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