Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girls Night Out...

Would you believe that Friday night was the first time I've been out with the ladies since Brody's been born, that's nearly 6 months!! That all changed on Friday night as 16 of us girls ventured over to St Paul to partake in the Pedal Pub. Sounds interesting ehh, well it is...its this incredibly designed bar on wheels and you pedal it around, drink beer and stop at random bars. There is a main lady in the front who works for the company that steers and stops it, tells us when to really pedal and when to stop hootin' and hollerin' (which as you can image with 16 girls, who have been drinking) is quiet the task! Let me tell ya, it was A LOT more work than i had thought, would you believe in 2 hours I only drank 3 beers?!? Not to mention you sit in a bike sandle and well each bar stop I felt like I had been riding a horse...!! We had so much fun and laugher is the best medicine of all...thanks for a great time ladies!!

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