Sunday, October 26, 2008

24 Weeks and Growing

There is no question now...I'm not toting a big ol' beer belly but rather...a baby! The belly is growing like crazy...and its funny to think back when i was about 10 weeks thinking you could really tell i was pregnant...when in fact you really couldn't! I remember Shannon telling me early on, enjoy it now as you'll have plenty of time to feel pregnant and that is the truth!!! Baby Ward is much more active now and he enjoys most of his movement in the evenings around 8:30pm...he does move on occasion during the day but i'm so busy with work that i don't really notice so much!

This past Wednesday i had my 24 week check up and doctor said everything's on track. I have been having major issues with leg cramps, which is no fun. I was told to increase my calcium intake...i'm not a big fan of plain white milk...i either need chocolate syrup added to it or a chocolate chip cookie...chocolate cake...brownie...umm you get the idea. Can you see now where the "back fat" might be coming from! =)

Abel's Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Our friends Jen and Stacy are both designers and every year they have a pumpkin carving contest...and everyone crosses their fingers that Jen or Stac will be on their team as they do the most unbelievable pumpkin carvings! This year my partner was Emily...and while neither of us have any sort of design back ground we were pretty proud of our simple carving of a spider...we called her "Charlotte"...while we didn't get first place we were still very proud of our work! Jen and Joe too first place on this unbelievable the photo doesn't do it justice as it was one kick ass pumpkin...!

Pumpkin Patch/Apple Orchard

Saturday i went to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard with Jen and Gina...we had to get some pumpkins for the Abel's big pumpkin carving party that was held Saturday night. The weather was beautiful, it was about 55 with sun, we picked some pumpkins and then after all that hard work we treated ourselves to a yummy apple donut! Mmm...just what a pregnant gal desires!! I also brought home a homemade apple pie...we have had an yet but since it's cold and snow flurries today it will be the perfect comfort food!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nurse Dolly Cares For Sick Patient

OK, so for those of you who have can see this story play out...for those of you who don't you think those of us with pets are crazy! Anyway, after lunch Jason was going to lay down and I told Nurse Dolly that while I was working that she was in charge of looking after Jason and making sure if he needed anything to help him out. She meowed as she lay on the couch in her normal spot sunbathing, as in "I don't have time right now". About 30 minutes later i came out of the office and Nurse Dolly had taken it upon herself to make sure that Jason was looked after. I thought this photo was too cute of the two of them sleeping. Umm who's going to have a rude awakening come February?!?!

A Fall Game of Disc Golf

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Minneapolis and Jason was dying to get out of the house prior to shoulder surgery. So we ended up playing disc golf (like regular golf but with a frisbie), I had never played and to be honest, I really wasn't that excited about it...until i got out on the course. First off the weather was beautiful and the course is set among a bunch of trees, so we had the pretty fall colors surrounding us...but more importantly...I really loved the game! So I was terrible on the first 5 rounds or so but once i got the hang of it really started to enjoy my time outside with Jason, he of course kicked my arss. It's too bad it took some 4 years for me to get out and play...right before our MN winter, but i'll for sure play again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jason's Shoulder Surgery-"Weight Lifters Shoulder"

Jason had shoulder surgery on his left side today and all went well. I spoke with the orthopedic surgeon post surgery and he shared some photos of inside Jason's shoulder and some of the things he did...of course like most orthopedic surgeons he talked over my head using big words (heck i would too if i was Harvard educated!!)...i'm sure he was getting sick of me saying "what does that mean?" but i didn't care, I wanted to understand what went on...umm i'm still not sure i do but i have a general idea of the process! Sounds like he will be able to shower in 48 hours and will get his stitches out next week! Doc says he needs to take it real easy on getting back to lifting but somehow knowing my husband he'll be back in the gym with Krein and he'll live happily ever after with a weight in his hand!! A before and an after shot...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ultrasound/Sonogram Week 23...ALL AMERICAN KICKER IN THE NFL??

Today i went back to the doc for an ultrasound...we had one at week 19 but Baby Ward wouldn't show his matter what kind of poking and prodding the tech did he was not moving. He was enjoying this position where he was curled up in a ball looking like he was about to do a at that appt we got all the measurements except the face. So today i went back and he had switched positions laying on his back...with is left leg over his head...yes you heard me correct, his LEG WAS OVER HIS HEAD. Check out that second picture, does that look comfortable to you!?!?!

So like most mothers i've started dreaming about all these wonderful things that my child could do...and i came up with the fact that he could be an ALL AMERICAN KICKER IN THE NFL!! With that type of flexibility i'm almost certain he destined to a kicker!! Certainly not with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, since they don't win anymore...but he'd need to be on a winning team!!! Ok enough about my dream for Jason and I retire and watch our son play in the NFL!

Ok, so the tech finally got the measurements she needed and everything is looking good! Then next week i have my 24 week stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boys and Animals

Someone sent me this picture via email many months ago, in fact i wasn't even pregnant at the time...but i thought it was so cute i saved it. In looking back at this photo i ask myself, is this my future...having all my family in rural Nebraska and there a possibility that something like this would play out in my future with Baby BOY Ward?!?!

Little boys just do the craziest things and I think i'm in for a real adventure to say the least!!!

Maternity Gear

Ok so i've finally had to come to terms with the fact that i needed to store my "normal clothes" and breakdown and buy some maternity gear. The pony tail holder holding my pants together with the bella band just wasn't cutting it anymore. I have quickly realized that i'm in the wrong end of business for this whole baby making process. I have learned that you can take some crap ass material sew a belly panel in it, slap a label on it with the word "maternity" and that alone can increase your retail by 50%.

I went to the maternity store today at lunch and fixed myself up with two pair of maternity pants, black and $180 (and we don't pay sales tax here in MN). While $180 doesn't sound horrible given i have a zillion pair of $180+ designer jeans...when it comes to maternity you pay $100 for a pair of thin cotton pants...that i'm almost certain you and see my cellulite through! NO LIE! So i've determinded post baby i need to investigate this maternity clothing industry as that is one well oiled machine that's got to be making serious cash.

Thank god my wonderful mother in law Judy is super sewer because she whipped me up 10+ cotton, ohh so comfy maternity tops. THANK YOU JUDY!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Current and most Spoiled Baby...Dolly.

Ok, in my next life i want to come back as a cat owned by the Ward family. Seriously, she's got the life...20 hours of sleep a day and Jason so kindly tilted the blinds so she could get some warm sunshine, a couple hours spent playing and getting attention and a couple spent eating. In my best baby talk "ohh look at the baby her's sooo tired and worn out from...sleeping"!!!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Carnahan's Visit Minnesota!

My old college roommate Denise and her husband Dan make the trek from Lincoln to Minneapolis this past weekend! It was so great to see the newly weds and spend some time with them! Saturday was a beautiful day so we went to the sculpture gardens downtown Minneapolis...we all determined that we don't really have an "eye" for that type of "art". Regardless the day was beautiful! The weekend went way too fast but when you're with good company that's what happens!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ward's and Wright's Visit MN

The Ward's and the Wright's came to visit last weekend. We made a trip to Stillwater for the day, the weather was beautiful! Jason also took full advantage of having Wayne and John here for some home maintenance projects. They got the garage painted and Wayne advised Jason on what he needed to do for the addition the guys discussed a plan for finishing the basement...woohooo perhaps in the spring we'll get started on that project! We ladies spent time in the kitchen...ok so i lied, Mom and Judy spent time in the kitchen preparing the meals and i was a taste-tester! Fun to have all four of them here at the same time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 20 Photo Update

Well here we are...the belly IS growing! However sometimes i wonder if people just think i'm fat. Last night i went to get a facial and the guy offered me a glass of wine...and i said "it might look like a beer belly but i am pregnant"!! He claims, like a lot of men, until you know 100% a woman is pregnant you never say a word...i think that's wise! Perhaps the time will come when i feel like a real whale and would die to have a small bump like i do now! The worst thing for me are these growing love handles, i can't take it!! ICK! Do you think these have ANYTHING to do with my extreme passion for cheeseburgers for the last 20 weeks!?!?