Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ultrasound/Sonogram Week 23...ALL AMERICAN KICKER IN THE NFL??

Today i went back to the doc for an ultrasound...we had one at week 19 but Baby Ward wouldn't show his matter what kind of poking and prodding the tech did he was not moving. He was enjoying this position where he was curled up in a ball looking like he was about to do a at that appt we got all the measurements except the face. So today i went back and he had switched positions laying on his back...with is left leg over his head...yes you heard me correct, his LEG WAS OVER HIS HEAD. Check out that second picture, does that look comfortable to you!?!?!

So like most mothers i've started dreaming about all these wonderful things that my child could do...and i came up with the fact that he could be an ALL AMERICAN KICKER IN THE NFL!! With that type of flexibility i'm almost certain he destined to a kicker!! Certainly not with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, since they don't win anymore...but he'd need to be on a winning team!!! Ok enough about my dream for Jason and I retire and watch our son play in the NFL!

Ok, so the tech finally got the measurements she needed and everything is looking good! Then next week i have my 24 week stay tuned...

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