Sunday, October 26, 2008

24 Weeks and Growing

There is no question now...I'm not toting a big ol' beer belly but rather...a baby! The belly is growing like crazy...and its funny to think back when i was about 10 weeks thinking you could really tell i was pregnant...when in fact you really couldn't! I remember Shannon telling me early on, enjoy it now as you'll have plenty of time to feel pregnant and that is the truth!!! Baby Ward is much more active now and he enjoys most of his movement in the evenings around 8:30pm...he does move on occasion during the day but i'm so busy with work that i don't really notice so much!

This past Wednesday i had my 24 week check up and doctor said everything's on track. I have been having major issues with leg cramps, which is no fun. I was told to increase my calcium intake...i'm not a big fan of plain white milk...i either need chocolate syrup added to it or a chocolate chip cookie...chocolate cake...brownie...umm you get the idea. Can you see now where the "back fat" might be coming from! =)

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