Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard Work!

As I stated in my previous post, Brody loves being with Nana...even if that means yard work! Nana gave Brody a pair of gloves and they went to work pulling weeds. Brody held them for Nana and then disposed of them in the trash. As you can see he's a big helper!

As a side note, our yard looks incredible thanks to all of Nana's hard work. She's been mowing, pulling weeds and planting flowers. She definitely doesn't get paid enough!!!

Nana's Here!!

Nana has arrived for a whopping 3 1/2 weeks, we are so thankful that she was able to come while I commute between Minneapolis and Chicago training for my new job. She's a real keeper, we keep telling her she needs to move here but I think Wayne might miss her and she'd get tired of cooking all the meals, doing the laundry and the yard work along with the grocery shopping and errand running. She really does spoil us to no end, we are SO lucky!

Love these pictures of Nana and the boys, she loves to get on the floor with them and play! Brody REALLY likes Nana a lot, so much so that I'm concerned about her departure and how he'll handle it. He wants to be with her non stop!

How about this picture, best one of the group. Impossible to get Brody to sit at his age! Tickles for Brody
Cam is such a little lover!!

Brody and Kate

We were so thrilled to hear our friends Jeff, Amanda and Kate were moving back to Minneapolis after a stint in Singapore. They came over for brunch and we were so excited to see them, of course Brody and Kate hadn't seen each other in a year so it was also fun to get them together. They had a lot of fun and at the end there were lots of hugs and kisses! It was so cute watching them and of course the parents egging them on!

Look how darling little Kate is!!
If I had a daughter she'd always have a cute little bow in her hair like Kate!
Kate had Brody cornered here, priceless!!!
Big hugs!

Cute Pictures

A slew of random snap shots of Brody and Cam from the first half of May 2011!

Happy Easter!

The Osendorf's hosted Easter this year and boy are we glad they did! JRo made quite the spread, she's a good little cook! While JRo was putting the final touches on the meal the boys went out and hunted Easter Eggs. Brody was really cute gathering up all the eggs and very serious about it too!
Cam and Uncle JesseBrody hunting Easter Eggs
Self portrait w Brody, sometimes I can trick him into a good picture! Not so much this time!
JRo and I
Cam and Jason chillin'
Brody and his new "polka-a-dot" book from the Os family

Cookies and Candy Oh My...

Brody and I had loads of fun at Easter making cookies. We rolled out the dough and had all sorts of Easter/spring cookie cutters. Then we decorated them, which as you can imagine was Brody's favorite part, I think he ate more of the frosting than anything!

Camden 7 Months

You'd never believe today that Cam was a colicky baby for 8 weeks, he's as happy and laid back as he can be now! It doesn't take much to get a cute little toothless grin from this boy. His favorite thing right now is peek a boo and he really loves all his teething toys (no teeth yet just lots of drool). He can't actually crawl yet but he does the army crawl and gets where ever he needs to go! Cam never misses a meal, he's a BIG boy. He weighs roughly 23 lbs and keeps on growing. He eats 3 meals a day and of course his bottles, we're about to get started on actual food and we're going to test out baby lead weaning (thanks Auntie Amy for the reco). Tonight on a whim I tried avocados but he was not a fan, we'll try again soon! He's already wearing Brody's old 12-18month clothing and as soon as this box of diapers are gone he and Brody will be wearing the same size! I think there is a good chance that within the next year he'll be bigger than Brody, look out! We love this little guy and his nickname around here is "Cam-Jammer".

Brody 2 yrs 3 1/2 months

Brody's new favorite thing is running around after bath time wearing his towel on his head. I think I need to get him a cape! He's the funniest little guy now days and his personality is too sweet. He's adding more and more new words to his vocabulary, loves playing outside and his favorite toys right now are cars. Right now he's transitioning to EPS 2 (early pre-school 2). We always see a lot of changes in him once he moves to the next room so we are excited about that! He also LOVES to sing, often times after dinner we'll do a round table of songs. He picks and we all sing, I really need to get it on video...aside from my horrible singing voice it's pretty dang cute! He's also LOVING Cam but he does get jealous if you are playing with him and you turn your attention to Cam for a minute. Otherwise he's always giving Cam toys and talking to him!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wisconsin Dells

I'll admit it, I fell off the blogging wagon for the summer but now I'm back! Ironically my first post includes my friend Annie and her family for our trip to the WI Dells in May, she's the one that recently asked me if I was ever going to blog yes, Annie I'M BACK!

Below are some pics from our trip. Annie, Jason and Bell are old friends that live in Chicago and we met them at the Dells for the weekend. Brody and Bell are about the same age, they had loads of fun playing with each other! Nana was also able to join us for the weekend which meant that the adults got to go out for dinner! Thanks Nana!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Monther's Day

As a mother, there is no greater gift to receive than handmade items from your children! Forget jewelry and chocolate...give me memories on paper that will last forever!

Wine Tasting

JRo and I got out of the house solo for some wine tasting. The wine was just ok but the good laughs made up for it!