Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby #3!!

Confirming Baby #3!!   Gender TBD...
I always chuckle at ultrasound pics this early as it's hard to tell what the heck you're supposed to be looking at.  According to the technician we have a 7 week old baby growing!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Radio Flyer Summer Party - Chicago

Radio Flyer hosted a fun family BBQ in Chicago and was so generous to pay for our flights and hotel.
The party was amazing;  jumpers, games, clowns, face painting, magician, music and lots of food!  

 Inside the bounce house obstetrical course! 
 Both Brody and Cam loved the jumpers below.
 A jumbo wagon big enough for everyone!
 A family picture in front of the "World's Largest Wagon!

Old Friends - Chicago

While in Chicago we were able to catch up with some old friends.  Sure wish we would have had
more time to see everyone!

Austin Girls...Makenzie and Maya
Ellen, Lexi, Cam, Drew, Luke, Brody and Sammy
Cute little Leppin Girls...Lucy and Belle

 Silly Belle
 Goyer Girls...Gabrielle, Sydney and Fiona

Friday, August 23, 2013

Play Day In Chicago

We took a weekend trip to Chicago and had a great time!  Day 1 was spent in the city, we rode on the L, hit Millennium Park, had a great lunch outside and met up with my old friend Tiff!  

Waiting for the "L" to arrive.
 First ride on the train! 

 "The Bean" at Millennium Park

Lots of running and exercise at the park...
 Family picture by the harbor of Lake Michigan
Tiff brought bread so that the boys could feed the ducks.
 Brody, Tiff and Cam
Cooling off in the fountain! 
 One long day of walking and no stroller, boys are beat so Daddy carries them for blocks to the 
"L" stop so we can head back to our hotel!