Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Brody was a big bad tiger for Halloween and even had the ROARRRR sound effect to accompany the outfit! We dressed him up that evening but only took him to the Jacobs house (across the street) where he got 6 cars and a ball rather than candy!! Then he and I played outside and handed out candy to the children! Beautiful weather and a fun evening!

(This little tiger wouldn't stand still for one second to get a good picture...!)

Pumpkin "Carving"

We haven't gotten into true pumpkin carving just yet, probably next year! We have all these fun Mr Potato head parts that we stick into the pumpkins. Cute, easy and not messy!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Brody has been handling all the change wonderfully. He's definitely turned into a daddy's boy and spends a lot of time with Jason. He's in pre-preschool and is loving it, he's learning to play with others and share which can be really challenging at his age. He's also learning a lot; numbers, can spell his name and is a total book worm. We are very pleased with his progress and continue to work with him at home. Today I had his parent/teacher conference, he's doing very well. The teacher stated that he's transitioning nicely from independent play to co-playing, he shows empathy for the other children, he's full of energy and is an explorer, his favorite activity is art (perhaps a little Grandma Judy in him) and he also likes the science table. Where does he fall short...during story time he'd rather be doing his own thing. I find this to be very interesting as he's such a book worm at home, I'm sure with time he'll become more interested in the group reading.

Our little Brody...he brings so much joy and laughter in our life and continues to keep us on our toes!!

Brody wearing my UGG boots
Here he's trying to walk in them, a little difficult!
Story time with Daddy.
Putting Mr Potato head together!

Landon's 2nd Birthday

Brody's best buddy Landon turned 2 so we had to celebrate! These two little boys play so well together and get a long great! Just a bummer that the Osendorf's live on the opposite side of town or we'd get the boys together a lot more often! Big Happy Birthday to our friend Landon!

Love this picture...doesn't this spell TROUBLE!! Brody and Daddy
Brody, Daddy and Mommy (Cam is sleeping!)

Camden Week 6

At 6 weeks this little guy is much more alert, smiling a lot and cooing when he gets the chance! The first 4 pictures were of Cam and I having a conversation, love all the different expressions!

Camden Week 5

Camden Week 4

Brody is really liking Cam more and more each day. I was able to capture him giving "soft touches" (that's what we call it) to Cam and talking to him, he even enjoyed driving his matchbox car on Cam's body...isn't that brotherly love!

At this 4 week mark we started to experience the "witching hours" in the evening, for a couple of weeks he'd cry for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours...this is a lot easier to handle when it's baby number 2. You run the check list; has he ate, is his diaper dry, is he too hot or too cold and if all those things are ok when there is nothing else you can do but walk and bounce!

Camden Week 3

At our 3 week check up Camden was already at 9lbs 6oz and 21 3/4" long. He's been a great eater and unlike with Brody, nursing is going great!!!

Camden Week 2

I thought at first Camden looked like Brody but he definitely doesn't.
Brody looks more like a Datus and Cam like a Ward!Chillin in his bouncy seat!
Cam loves bath time, he can be crying like crazy and the minute he gets into the warm tub he's relaxed! He evidently gets that from his mama!
Jason and I love this picture. Brody was zonked out after swimming lessons so he
feel asleep on the floor and Cam in his pack and play...Ahhh silence!

Camden's Newborn Photo Shoot

This is only a few of the many great photos that Paula captured!!!

Packers vs Redskins

We went to Chad and Kristy's to meet Baby Blake and watch Jason's favorite team Washington Redskins play Chad's favorite team the Greenbay Packers. Jason was thrilled that his team came away with a win that day!!

Our first family picture (look how much Brody loves posing for pictures these days!)
I've been working with Brody on the self portraits, then he can see the picture
right after I take it. He's warming up to the idea! Dad and his boys!
Jason, Camden for the Skins and Chad and Blake for the Packers!
Camden and Blake, 1 day apart in age!
I love the look on Brody's face here...what he really wants to say is
"really another picture Mommy?"


We've had all sorts of wonderful visitors...unfortunately I haven't been as good about getting photos! But here are a few that came to visit Camden in his first two weeks of life!

Our wonderful neighbors, who we love dearly...The Jacobs. Cole, Courtney and ShelleyEmily
Uncle Mike (he's such a natural I keep pushing him to have a couple of his own!

Jen and Jon (Jon didn't want to hold Cam as there was no "insurance policy" if
he broke him! LOL!)
Jen and Camden