Monday, December 30, 2013

Iphone Snap Shots

I always have my iphone so I snap a lot of random pictures.

Cam says "say cheese" with his homemade camera.
chillin' while eating ice cream (until of course i made him sit up :))
You should see the other guy...
Maple Grove Maze with Courtney
Arghhh, ahoy matey...
Someone loves Daddy's protein shake
And mommy's boots
Bowling Fun
A trip to the park with Matthew
A much needed water break after all the running around.
Dinner Out for Mommy and Daddy!

Iphone Snap Shots

Chilly day at the park!  
 Pouting at the park.
 Cute brothers at school
 A Cubs Fan like mommy and daddy! 
 Mmmm ice cream...
 Finally we have tulips!
 Best Buddies
 Fun at Primrose Spring Fling
 Brody and his best girl friend Paige
 The boys and neighbor friends Sophie and Lila
 Brody, Courtney, Matthew and Brody (catching worms)
 Mommy and Cam doing the plank challenge

Iphone Snapshots

More random iphone pictures!