Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Little Pilgrim!

Look how thrilled he is to wear the pilgrim hat...can you tell he's just loving it! Ahh I used to dress up Dolly but now it's Brody...he's so much more fun than she was!!

Weekend Snap Shots...

Below are a few snap shots from the weekend. I laugh at the ones of Brody with Jason's shoe...of course like most children, they have a 1,000 other toys but typically like the things that are least expensive or aren't designed to be baby toys. We've been trying to be good about not leaving shoes around where Brody is because you know exactly where they go...into his mouth!

Here Kitty Kitty...

Brody can crawl...well kind of, he does the "wounded soldier crawl" right now but boy can he get around. His new favorite toy at our house is Dolly. She comes around, doesn't matter what he's doing if he sees her, he gets a BIG smile on his face and takes off after her. She's smart enough to stay where she's at until he gets within arms reach and then she slowly walks away, another 5 feet and she continues to play this game with him until he's under the dining room table. Then once he's trapped amongst the chairs, she slides out and sits there. It's seriously the funniest thing. She's been very tolerant of him thus far, however Sunday night she was on the couch sitting and he was on the floor right below her...he kept trying to get himself to stand up to get to her, no such luck...but then Dolly decided every time he'd reach for her she'd swat at him (no worries she's declawed)...then then she started getting upset, so Jason at to interject and calm her down. I don't think Dolly has ANY idea what she's in for in the next couple of years!!


OK seriously, how cute are these pictures of Brody in his lion towel!! He loves ANY part of bath time!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gold Fish

Now days Brody likes to eat what we are eating. The other night Jason was eating golf fish while holding Brody...without hesitation Brody reaches into the container and grabs one for himself. It really was cute, he's becoming so independent! While goldfish are fine they are a bit to salty (in my opinion) so a friend told me about cheddar bunnies, which are organic crackers with little salt, so I picked up some of those the other day and he really liked them!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

School Pictures!

Seriously, it takes an act of God to get Brody to smile for the camera at home...but they get out the camera at daycare and he's all smiles! Ms Shea captured these last week and they were so cute I had to share! Love the ones with his hoodie on his head! Too funny! Then he LOVES anything that makes noise, especially musical instruments...(here's praying he gets the Ward's musical talent!!).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally...Back to it's original condition!!

Our home is back to the way it was before! We just took a long, stressful detour to get back to where we started. In life, you take a lot of detours and there is always something to be learned from "life's little detours"...I believe what I have learned is to slow down and pay attention. I always find myself in a whirl wind when I get home from work and if I had stopped for a moment to think about what I was doing, i wouldn't have left the water running! The only great thing that came out of this was some new paint color! Now...the only thing left is to get paid by State Farm for the work that was done, I'll be praying every night until that is done!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Snap Shots

Both Brody and I didn't feel so hot this weekend, you know the typical coughing, aching, stuffy head stuff that goes around in the fall. So we laid low and stayed in for most of the weekend. I did manage to take a bunch of pictures...

Brody gets on all four's but doesn't know what to do so he resorts to the arm crawl that gets him where ever he needs to go.

Monday, November 2, 2009

9 Months Old

Every month I say, "I can't believe Brody is _ months old, time has gone so fast"...well it's so true and each month I'm amazed by the changes in him physically, emotionally, mentally...he changes so much with each passing month. So what has Brody been up to in the last month?
  1. He does the army crawl to get ANYWHERE he wants to go. Gets on all 4's but doesn't know what to do.
  2. He has a new found "cartoon" laugh, which makes us laugh every time he laughs, then he laughs more...pretty cute.
  3. He's babbling a lot...saying mama and some dada and a few other sounds...when Nana was here she tried "Nana" but a bit too complex still!
  4. He eats like Jason, has 3 square meals a day, an afternoon snack and 5 bottles a day.
  5. He drools constantly.
  6. He jumps in the Jumparoo non stop, just goes crazy...laughs and squeals.
  7. He's in to books and can read...umm ok he likes to chew on them.
  8. He loves Dolly and every time she meows, he squeals.
  9. His favorite thing right now is bath time, especially when you turn the water on and he splashes in the stream. Loving water, we signed him up for baby swim lessons starting in January.
  10. He's definitely a boy, he slaps/bangs on everything.
9 month pediatrician appt. went very well today. Dr Skallrud said Brody is developing nicely and she has no concerns. He already has two teeth on the bottom and she said that the two front teeth will be in soon enough! One thing that we did talk about in length was meal time for Brody. He's dropped to 35% in weight so she said we need to "beef him up" (wish someone would say that to me!!). Anyway, Brody is on a high calorie, high fat diet. Funny when I went to the store I always look for low fat, low today I got high fat cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt along with some different types of meat for Brody to eat! He's a good eater and prefers the purees to his bottle, I understand the purees are super low in calories and he gets his fat from formula, so now we just need to substitute his purees with real food and we should be in good shape! Dr S said it wasn't a big deal but she'd like to see him at 50% rather than 35%. Perhaps a future running back certainly NOT a line man on our hands!

Weight = 35%
Height = 75% (down from the 90-95% we had been seeing)
Head = 25-50%

Little Drool Monster!

When Nana was here she made Brody a whole bunch of new bibs as he goes through about 5 a day! Anyway, we went to the fabric store and picked out sorts of my different styles of fabric, the bib Brody is wearing, at first mom said absolutely not, then she made it and we put it on him and of course she loved it! Such a WILD little devil with flames on his bib!