Monday, November 23, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty...

Brody can crawl...well kind of, he does the "wounded soldier crawl" right now but boy can he get around. His new favorite toy at our house is Dolly. She comes around, doesn't matter what he's doing if he sees her, he gets a BIG smile on his face and takes off after her. She's smart enough to stay where she's at until he gets within arms reach and then she slowly walks away, another 5 feet and she continues to play this game with him until he's under the dining room table. Then once he's trapped amongst the chairs, she slides out and sits there. It's seriously the funniest thing. She's been very tolerant of him thus far, however Sunday night she was on the couch sitting and he was on the floor right below her...he kept trying to get himself to stand up to get to her, no such luck...but then Dolly decided every time he'd reach for her she'd swat at him (no worries she's declawed)...then then she started getting upset, so Jason at to interject and calm her down. I don't think Dolly has ANY idea what she's in for in the next couple of years!!

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