Monday, November 2, 2009

9 Months Old

Every month I say, "I can't believe Brody is _ months old, time has gone so fast"...well it's so true and each month I'm amazed by the changes in him physically, emotionally, mentally...he changes so much with each passing month. So what has Brody been up to in the last month?
  1. He does the army crawl to get ANYWHERE he wants to go. Gets on all 4's but doesn't know what to do.
  2. He has a new found "cartoon" laugh, which makes us laugh every time he laughs, then he laughs more...pretty cute.
  3. He's babbling a lot...saying mama and some dada and a few other sounds...when Nana was here she tried "Nana" but a bit too complex still!
  4. He eats like Jason, has 3 square meals a day, an afternoon snack and 5 bottles a day.
  5. He drools constantly.
  6. He jumps in the Jumparoo non stop, just goes crazy...laughs and squeals.
  7. He's in to books and can read...umm ok he likes to chew on them.
  8. He loves Dolly and every time she meows, he squeals.
  9. His favorite thing right now is bath time, especially when you turn the water on and he splashes in the stream. Loving water, we signed him up for baby swim lessons starting in January.
  10. He's definitely a boy, he slaps/bangs on everything.
9 month pediatrician appt. went very well today. Dr Skallrud said Brody is developing nicely and she has no concerns. He already has two teeth on the bottom and she said that the two front teeth will be in soon enough! One thing that we did talk about in length was meal time for Brody. He's dropped to 35% in weight so she said we need to "beef him up" (wish someone would say that to me!!). Anyway, Brody is on a high calorie, high fat diet. Funny when I went to the store I always look for low fat, low today I got high fat cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt along with some different types of meat for Brody to eat! He's a good eater and prefers the purees to his bottle, I understand the purees are super low in calories and he gets his fat from formula, so now we just need to substitute his purees with real food and we should be in good shape! Dr S said it wasn't a big deal but she'd like to see him at 50% rather than 35%. Perhaps a future running back certainly NOT a line man on our hands!

Weight = 35%
Height = 75% (down from the 90-95% we had been seeing)
Head = 25-50%

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