Sunday, November 4, 2012

Omaha Trip- Henry Doorly Zoo

We hit the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha before we made the 6 hour drive back to MN.  The boys favorite animals were the goats! 

Omaha Trip - Sunday

The great thing about being in Omaha for Jason's competition was that we got to see a lot of family!
 Uncle Tim, Cam and Daddy
 Dad and I
 Aunt Steph and Brody
 Grandpa Ed, Aunt Steph, Brody and Cam
 After brunch photo shoot
 Nana and Cam
Brody, Nana and Cam

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jason's Cheering Section!

Jason had a great cheering section for his first body building competition.  Judy and Jesse surprised Jason, flying in from Maryland.  Greg and Liz came from Chicago, Dad came from Broken Bow and of course good ol' Nana wouldn't have missed a weekend to see Brody and Cam.  She stayed back at the hotel with the boys and entertained them while the rest of us were at the show.  Thanks to everyone for making the trip to Omaha to support Jason!   

Jason's Body Building Competition

Jason competed in his first body building competition in Omaha.   As you can see from the pictures he trained VERY hard to get into peak condition and it paid off.  Jason OWNED the stage and the competition and ended up winning all the divisions he competed in!! 

Thanks to Nana!

 Nana came to Omaha to look after the boys while we were at Jason's body building competition.
The boys always have tons of fun when they see her!