Sunday, August 30, 2009

Party, Party!

Yesterday afternoon we went over to Megan and John's for a great little housewarming party as they bought their first home!! We ate, drank and socialized, Brody got all sorts of attention from all the ladies as you can see from the pictures below. He's quiet the little social butterfly these days! Auntie JRo Auntie Megan Aunti Kristy

34 and still feel 25!

Why does it feel like just yesterday I turned 21...I remember my 21st birthday and all my friends 21st birthdays like it was yesterday. I've never really stressed about getting a year older...I feel young, I look young and I will always be young in spirit so to me it's just a number!

My 34th birthday was far more fun than I had ever anticipated it being. I woke up to a wonderful gift of a day at the spa, and for those if you who know me well, know I love to be pampered, so this is right up my alley!! Alas I see microdermabrasion in my future, woohoo for great skin!! Then I headed to work and my boss had decorated my cube, my coworkers brought me balloons and a cake, then for lunch they took me to McCormick and Schmicks and to DQ for a blizzard dessert...then what is a birthday without a few cocktails, so off to happy hour we went. I polished off a great day with Toppers pizza, the only thing that could have made the day any better is if Jason would have been able to join us for happy hour but he was on daddy duty so I could enjoy my evening! (thanks nu!) Ohh and by the way, my friend Julie said calories don't count on your birthday, any other friends birthday, your husbands or your child' I don't feel one bit guilty about being a PIG for a day!!

Birthday Girl

For my birthday I received a fun little gift from my friend Gina, it was a little make up bag filled with bath goodies from Philosophy, one of my most favorite brands. The pack she got me is called Birthday girl, what I liked the most about the gift was the saying on the outside of the bag. There were so many great points that I really appreciated turning 34 and perhaps I have new found appreciate for life and each day now that I am a mom. This is what it said:

Be grateful to have been given one more day, let alone one more year. Remember to dance in your nightgown, sing in the shower, ride a bike, fly a kite and take an occasional "wind bath" in your bare skin. Give those you love big kisses, huge hugs, and the words "i love you" often and always. Nurture your body rather than starve your soul with fad dieting. Spend time with the old and the weary to appreciate your life. One your birthday, call your mother and father wherever they are to thank then for all that they have done for you, even if you think they haven't done enough. Watch the move "life is beautiful" at least once a year. Remember that you are not guaranteed tomorrow and that today is a good as it gets. Thank god for every "thing", every "day", every moment.

Thanks Gina for such a thought provoking gift! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Gina and I when she was over but I did get a picture of Gina and Brody!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cookie Monster

So I was gone the other week and Jason was in charge. Chad came for a visit and clearly they were having a good time! Brody likes anything that crinkles and makes lots of noises. So when Chad was over he decided to let Brody chew and slobber all over the 100 calorie snack cookies. And as you can see Brody is laying on the counter having a good time. I guess men have different ways of entertaining children as I would have never thought about doing this...hey whatever works!!

Bad Kitty!

Dolly continues to test my patience and her boundary's. She listens to Jason and completely ignores anything I say, how is that possible? I saved that cat from the Humane Society and gave her a nice home prior to Jason being in the picture and now she likes him better...just not right. Anyway, I found her here this am when I went to work on my computer...What's wrong with this picture? First of all that furry little brat is NOT allowed on any surfaces/tables and most importantly NOT on my laptop!!!!!!!!!! I see her and in my meanest voice I yell, "Dolly get OFF my computer", she raises her weary head, looks at me, meows and lays her head back down. Are you kidding me?!!? Is this the kind of influence I'm going to have on my children some day?! So I sweep her up and give her a toss and yell, "Bad Kitty, wait till your dad gets home"...I have a feeling this might be something I say a lot in the future. Clearly I've not be identified as the "Alpha" at our house!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Piano Man

"Sing us a song you're the piano man, sing us a song tonight..."

Brody has loved music from the time he was born. We'd play music sooth him to sleep or to comfort him and today he still loves it! Recently Jason has been playing the piano with Brody is his lap, he likes to pound on the keys and make his own "music".

The music talent is clearly from the Ward side of the family and not the Datus'. Will be interesting to see if he has a musical interests as he gets Grandma Judy said, we don't want him to be a starving musician so we'll hope that he wants to be a doctor or something and play a little music on the side!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Outdoor Pool Time

On Sunday Brody and I ventured over to Em's to play in the pool. This was the first time Brody had been in an outdoor pool. I slathered him up with California Baby sunscreen before departure as his skin is porcelain white and would burn so easy if i didn't have a ton on him and of course i'd feel like the world's worst mom if he had been sunburned! We splashed and played in the water for about 30 minutes, then we got out, not because Brody was getting board but mama was! You can only entertain a 6 1/2 month old in the water for so long, not to mention hold him the whole time, I'll be sure and be prepared next time with plenty of water toys. I'm excited for the Aruba trip, I got a blow up ring with a canopy over the top with toys attached, so he can float and play in the water until he's all "prune like".

Dressed in his 1st Cub's Tshirt, headed to the pool! (Thanks Chad & Kristy!!)

Fun W/Auntie Em and Auntie Jen

Brody's a real lucky boy to have so many special Aunties in his life. Both Jen and Em came over last week to see Brody, both agreed that he had gotten pretty big and were admiring that healthy little double chin he has! Isn't in great when you are a baby, double chins, chubby cheeks, chunky thighs and a round little belly are SOO cute, but those on an adult and eekkss, their FAT...I'd be totally game to have chunky thighs considered cute! Anyway, in typical Brody fashion he flashed many a smiles to the ladies and managed to screen and squeal quiet a bit, which is one of his most favorite things to do these days!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting Baby Kate

Yesterday we went over to the Reierson's to meet the newest addition to their family, Baby Kate. Let me first start by saying, she is perfect in every way and looks much like a little porcelain doll! She has LOADS of dark brown hair and tiny little features just like her mama, she's a real beauty. Of course upon arrival Kate was dressed in a powder pink little dress with matching little bloomers, she was awake for a bit but slept most of the time. It seemed odd holding a 7lb some odd ounce little baby again, I don't remember Brody ever being that small now! We enjoyed lunch together and talk about labor and delivery...always fun to compare stories with your friends on that topic. Congrats again Jeff and Amanda, Brody can't wait to take Kate out on her first date!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


6 1/2 Month Update

Mr Brody is 6 1/2 months old and with that comes a great personality. He's all smiles these days (unless of course there is a camera out) and appears that he's becoming quiet the flirt. Whenever the ladies say hello and talk to him he gets the biggest smile on his face, interestingly enough men don't get the same response!! I've also started to do his a cute little faux-hawk, gel and all. You can't tell so much from the pictures, but he sure looks cute! Jason tells me that Brody is not a Ken-doll for me to dress up...but luckily I'm the one that dresses him in the morning and does his hair so we'll continue on with "beauty shop". He's also become a BIG fan of jumping, he spends a lot of his time in the jumparoo. In fact when you put him in his exersaucer (that doesn't bounce), he continues to try and jump up and down, it's pretty funny! He's still a drooling machine and goes through at least a couple of bibs a day, but no teeth yet. The biggest change recently is that he no longer wants to eat cereal and veggies at night. You'd think by the faces he makes that we were trying to feed him rat poison, when just weeks ago you couldn't shovel it in quick enough...and now he wants no part of it! We'll keep trying!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pool Time

Last Sunday we met up with the Osendorf family for a little lunch and pool time. Believe it or not it was the first time Brody has been in a pool (i know so neglected)!! The water was a bit chilly at first but once he got used to it, he loved it! He splashed around in the water and kicked like crazy, in hind sight I wish I had taken him earlier in the summer so that he could enjoy it. Oh well, we are headed to Aruba in 2 weeks and he'll get enough ocean and pool time to make up for that!

Brody's First Hockey Game!

Last Saturday our neighbor Cole had a hockey game here in Plymouth. We've been wanting to see him in action so it was fun to watch him play. At the ripe age of 9, he's quiet the little skater and is on the travel team for summer league. The Jacobs family is very serious about their hockey, so much so that they build their own hockey ring in their back yard in the winter, TRUE Minnesotans!! I think Brody might learn to skate before he learns to walk if Erik and Cole have anything to do with it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say Cheese!!!

FINALLY we were able to capture some smiles on film!! I was able to get Brody smiling while Auntie JRo snapped the pictures! He smiles all the time but once you get the camera out, it's all serious! Was so excited to see these pictures...hopefully we'll get lots of smiles in October when we have our family pictures taken...but I won't hold my breath!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Pics

Look at those big baby blues!! Now if only i could get him to smile when i get the camera out that would be the best!! He'll be smiling and laughing and the minute I get the camera he goes serious on me!!?? It's almost like he knows that I want a picture with a smile and he's NOT going to give it to me, stubborn like his dad I think! Brody enjoying his soft blocks. He likes it when I build them high and he can knock them over!Jason was playing with Brody on his lap and who comes in all jealous but Dolly...proceeds to hop up in his lap and make herself all comfortable. That cat...!!

Man At Work

Brody has taken a liking to the computer just like his daddy. He loves to hit the buttons and play with the mouse, he also likes it when I type, he pays very close attention! He's also sitting up here on Jason's lap with no support (other than the desk of course). Won't be long and he'll be able to sit on the floor by himself!