Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy "Half Birthday" Brody!

Where has the 6 months gone?! I can't even believe it, each day is a new adventure and it just keeps getting better and better! I just love this stage SO much more than the tiny infancy stage, all those smiles, coos and babbles make the first 3 months of sleepless nights worth while! As a new mom, there are a few things I've come to appreciate over the last 6 months, here are a few:

* Mom jeans-those were invented for us moms who haven't lost their tummy weight, the further you can hike those suckers up the better they are at hiding the love handles. I need to find myself a pair of those!!
* Mini Vans-while i can confidently say, i'll never have one, I really like the concept. With two cars we are always trying to strategically pack to fit it all in. I see an SUV in our near future!
* Slobbery Kisses-there is nothing better than a big kiss from Brody with slobber included!
* Toothless Grin-it used to be the homeless men in Chicago that would flash the toothless grin but now my #1 love has one and its the best!!
* Early Mornings-I've always been a morning person, but now it makes my mornings even more enjoyable when i go get Brody up and he's grinning ear to ear when he sees me!
#1 and most importantly:
MY MOM I guess it took having a baby to really understand my mom!!

On Friday, Brody saw Dr Skallurud for his 6 month well baby check. He weighed in at 17lbs 2 oz(50%) and 28" long (90%), clearly he is one long and lean baby. Odd he's only at 50% for weight as he eats like a champ, I'm hopeful that he has the metabolism of his daddy! Dr S said its only a matter of days before his first teeth in the bottom front pop threw. Perhaps that's why he drools like no other and wants to chew on everything! He also had 3 more shots, this particular time he cried more than he ever has. It took some 15 minutes to calm him down, I'm not sure if its because the dose increases or if its because it hurts more now that he's older. It was really tough, as a mom you want to make it all better but my cuddles weren't doing the trick!

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