Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Kitty!

Dolly continues to test my patience and her boundary's. She listens to Jason and completely ignores anything I say, how is that possible? I saved that cat from the Humane Society and gave her a nice home prior to Jason being in the picture and now she likes him better...just not right. Anyway, I found her here this am when I went to work on my computer...What's wrong with this picture? First of all that furry little brat is NOT allowed on any surfaces/tables and most importantly NOT on my laptop!!!!!!!!!! I see her and in my meanest voice I yell, "Dolly get OFF my computer", she raises her weary head, looks at me, meows and lays her head back down. Are you kidding me?!!? Is this the kind of influence I'm going to have on my children some day?! So I sweep her up and give her a toss and yell, "Bad Kitty, wait till your dad gets home"...I have a feeling this might be something I say a lot in the future. Clearly I've not be identified as the "Alpha" at our house!!!!

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