Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bennett-Ward's Visit MN

This past week Jason's brother Jack, his wife Dee and the three girls drove from Maryland to Minnesota, some 20 hours in a car with 2, 10 year old's and an 8 year old! They stopped a long the way and camped in a tent one night and stayed in a cabin another, it was a great way for the girls to see the country.

Unfortunately, they came during the week and we didn't have much time off! On Wednesday, Jason took them to the park and lake, the girls discovered leeches in the water and were ready to leave right after that! I was able to take the girls to Mall of America on Thursday night, I gave them each a budget of $20. It was really fun to see how they decided to spend their money, Claire's got the majority of it! We also found time for the girls to take a bubble bath, ohh to be young again, the simple pleasures! They had a great time!

Was so fun to see them and introduce them to Brody. As you can imagine he got lots of love and attention. We'll look forward to seeing the BW family again at Christmas in Maryland!

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