Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girls Night Out!

This past Tuesday night I met up with some girlfriends for the "Shecky's Girls Night Out" event. Shecky's holds these all of the country, it's shopping and cocktails...RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! I of course found a big chunky bracelet I couldn't live without, but that was my only purchase for the evening. It was a fun, much need time out! (Rachel we missed you!)

Little Fishies!

Brody was quiet talkative this you can see by this photo!
I believe behind the scenes Ann was dancing and jumping to get the boys attention!! Ohh what we'll do to get a good photo!
He was all excited about getting in the water!


Once again this year I was able to attend the ABC Show which is the international baby trade show for retailers only. This is where all vendors set up shop and meet with their customers to show new products for 2010. If you remember last year I went when I was pregnant and made a haul, as most vendors will sell their products at wholesale just to get rid of it! So not only do I meet with Target while I'm here I also make sure I have some time to do some shopping. Poor little Brody is so neglected so I bought him all sorts of stuff. He got lots of fun new toys, puzzles, bibs and feeding items and I even got myself a new diaper bag, which isn't diaperish at big and cute! Last I'm going to be testing out the new and improved Safety First Car Seat with the patented air protection, which we are super excited about! Love that show even more now that I'm a mom and get to see all the fun new stuff while getting great deals at the same time!

While the show was very exciting, what was even more thrilling about my time in Vegas was that my dear friends Lisa and Dave were also in town the same time for the pet trade show. Now I love Lisa and Dave but I was far more excited to see the 3rd addition to their family, little Baby Siena...Ohh was she a doll at the ripe age of 6 weeks!! Of course she had on the cutest little outfit including pink ruffled boomers! We were able to find a smoke free restaurant (virtually impossible in Vegas), have a couple of drinks and appetizers and catch up. Siena was such a good baby the whole time! Jason and I are hoping to get to CA this spring and catch up with them at the same time we see Jeremy and Amy...perhaps a trip to Disney!!!

Chop, Chop!

I've been finding myself being real lazy these days in the hair department. My hair do of choice was a pony tail, nice and easy but with that I found that I kept feeling frumpy! So this past Saturday I decided to do something about it...I went to see my favorite hair stylist Ciara and told her to chop it! Now, don't be alarmed, Ciara is a stylin' little gal and she promised me that i wouldn't end up with a "Mom-Do" I told her to do whatever she wanted...(I know a walk on the wide side huh)...anyway, after 5 inches were chopped off, I ended up with a fun, cute new hair do...that I actually enjoy doing and it doesn't take me an hour just to blow dry thank you Ciara for making me feel fabulous again! I'm loving my new hairdo!

Brody's Girlfriend...Paige!

Seriously, meet Brody's girlfriend, Paige!! They attend Primrose together and Paige is 1 week younger than Brody. According to the teacher (who just happens to be Paige's mom) she says that Brody and Paige have a ball together every day. In fact they make each other laugh, share toys and gaze longingly into each others eyes (ok that might be a stretch) BUT it is true that when Paige and Brody are together they ignore other children and only play together. When Brody arrives in the morning he greets Paige with a big smile, it is seriously the cutest thing ever. So a couple of weeks ago Ms Shea captured a couple of pictures of the two little love birds play together...seriously, Is there such a thing as a baby crush?!

7 Month Update

He's changing and growing so quickly. I can't believe he's 7 1/2 months already! He's such a happy baby with a big personality! He likes his own voice and he talks non-stop (which parent would he have gotten those traits from???), umm when i say talk, rather I mean screams! It's almost comical but he starts right when he wakes, so at 5:30 when Jason and I are getting ready he's screaming...yes some mornings I think ear plugs would be good! He enjoys story time, ok well i'm not sure it's story time he likes, it's the books as he likes to chew on them. He's also a giggle box, Jason can make him laugh like no other!

He's also a big eater these days! He's has 3 square meals as well as 5 bottles a day. For breakfast he's been having fruit and oatmeal, for lunch he has veggies with oatmeal (no rice cereal, it
causes crazy constipation for Brody (TMI??)) and at night he's been having a meat (pureed of course, ick!!) and a veggie. This past week we started adding in an afternoon snack of puffs, freeze-dried yogurt bites or graham crackers. He hasn't mastered the pincher grasp just yet so many times he gets it to his mouth and drops it. So close, yet so far away!

And most exciting news is that in Aruba Brody sprouted his first tooth!! He soaks 3-4 bibs a day with slobber so we knew it was only a matter of time before the first one sprouted, won't be long before more come in!

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that Jason and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary Sept 9. In 3 years we've done a ton...

1. We packed up and moved to Minnesota.
2. I started a new job with Philips.
3. We bought our first house together, in suburbia!
4. We had a baby, WHAT A BLESSING!!
5. Jason was laid off, rebounded quickly and got a new job!
6 And a million other things...

What the future holds, we do not know but we are thankful to have each other and Brody! Love to my Nu!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our First Family Vacation!

Two weeks ago (eeks i'm behind on blogging) we packed up and went on our first family vacation to Aruba!! I'd like to say that it was a flawless trip but it started off quiet rocky, we arrived at the airport and someone, not naming any names, brought my expired passport. So it started off our morning of Jason and I pointing fingers at each other about who's fault it was, you know how that goes. Thank the good Lord for our wonderful neighbor Shelley, she so graciously drove us to the airport and mind you its a 45 min drive, I frantically call her and she's just arriving home in time to grab my other passport, hop back in her car and drive 45 mins AGAIN to bring it me! GOD BLESS HERE and thank God for great neighbors!! Te good news is that we left home with plenty of time to spare since it was our first time traveling with Brody, so we had enough time to get checked in and through security! So, you can image what kind of a "fun time" I was, stressed to the max and still hadn't had any coffee, it was actually a shocker, i was the head case and not Jason as we expected!

Ahh Aruba, we had finally landed and Brody did SO well on the flight there and by the time we got to our condo it was late and all went to bed. Was so nice to wake up the next morning and walk out on the balcony and see the ocean and feel the heat (already) with a nice cool breeze, ahh paradise. Now this was Jason and I's 3rd trip to Aruba but this time we were able to share our vacation with our dear friends, The Osendorf's...Jesse, JRo, Logan and Landon!

We spent countless hours on the beach, in the ocean and at the pool. Brody is a HUGE fan of the water, so each morning we'd head to the pool by 9:30 and stay until about noon and then head back inside. Then Jason and I took turns, one of us would take a nap with Brody and one of us would head back to the pool. It was great but the only downer was that Jason and I didn't get a lot of time together. JRo and Jesse were kind enough to watch Brody on our anniversary so that we could go out to dinner. We also watched Landon and Logan one night so Jesse and JRo could go to dinner, then of course we had a girls night out and a guys night out!

A day at the beach is hard work!
Daddy and Brody at our favorite restaurant on the beach, Simply Fish
Umm i think his blue eyes might come from his mama!?!
A hot date on the beach with Brody!
JRo and I's afternoon out, Shopping and cocktails of course!
Jason, Brody and Logan (the best behaved boy ever!!)
Pool Time!