Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brody's Girlfriend...Paige!

Seriously, meet Brody's girlfriend, Paige!! They attend Primrose together and Paige is 1 week younger than Brody. According to the teacher (who just happens to be Paige's mom) she says that Brody and Paige have a ball together every day. In fact they make each other laugh, share toys and gaze longingly into each others eyes (ok that might be a stretch) BUT it is true that when Paige and Brody are together they ignore other children and only play together. When Brody arrives in the morning he greets Paige with a big smile, it is seriously the cutest thing ever. So a couple of weeks ago Ms Shea captured a couple of pictures of the two little love birds play together...seriously, Is there such a thing as a baby crush?!

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