Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 29 Update

Umm i think it looks like I'm smuggling a watermelon and perhaps a couple of cantaloupe for that matter! Eesssh, if it weren't bad enough that my clothes are tight on the belly they are tight on the chest as well. Which has me frequently questioning what it is about large breasts that is alluring to many?! Honestly, I find them to be large, cumbersome and in the way...but that's a whole other conversation!

Ok back to the real point, my belly is growing...and that means Baby Ward is growing. Over the last two weeks I've felt the most bizarre sensations as he does high kicks and somersaults inside my stomach. No doubt he is an active one.

Starting week 30 (this coming week) I'll be seeing the doctor every two weeks to ensure that things are progressing along nicely with BW. In addition to increased doctor visits Jason and i attended Infant CRP last Monday then Wednesday we'll be going to a Breastfeeding class, Saturday we spend 8 hours at the birthing/parenting class and the following Saturday is another 8 hours of "All About Baby". Then we'll be certified parents...errr uhh something like that...armed with information but still clueless!

Week 28 3D Ultrasound

As many of you know for a baby shower gift from Shannon i received the 3D ultrasound, which was SOO at it's finest. The tech struggled getting a clear image of Baby Ward's face as he still prefers to lay with his feet over his head, so each time he went to take the picture, BW would move his feet causing waves across his face!! If you look at photo #3, the image to the right of his face, yea that's his left leg!! OMG, talk about an uncomfortable position. I'm still banking on an all American kicker verse a ballerina!! LOL!
Anyway, due to BW's position, the tech invited us to come back at 30 weeks (which is this coming week!!) for another sonogram. He felt that with just two additional weeks of growth BW wouldn't be comfortable with his feet over his head therefore we'd be able to get some clearer images! Can't wait for that trip...check back as those photos will be posted!!

Thanks again Shannon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dolly and Jason

Whenever i get the chance to work from home i'm always amazed that Jason actually gets any work done as every time i go to his office, this is what i see. Tell me who's going to have the hardest time adjusting when the baby arrives!?! She seriously follows him around where ever he goes...I think Jason just might be the "cat-whisperer". I guess she should enjoy it now cause it's going to change come February.

And to think he "didn't like" cats before he met me...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Relaxing Saturday Night w/Tiff & Shannon

Saturday night we were wiped out from Friday nights outing and Saturday's baby shower so we decided to stay in. We put on our PJ's and ordered pizza and ate like little piggies. Of course with full bellies and a chilly night it was perfect for the fireplace to be turned on. Of course Dolly was pumped as that's her favorite thing on a chilly winter (close enough to winter in MN) night. Ahh aren't those photos cute...and Tiff and Dolly are really sleeping in that photo! Dolly loves her Auntie Tiffy and Auntie Shannon!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Ward's Baby Shower

All i have to say is that Baby Ward is one loved little guy and he hasn't even arrived! Saturday's shower was a wonderful event and i couldn't have imagined it any better! Jen, Gina, Emily and JRo (photo attached) did a stellar job and not one detail was missed, THANKS LADIES!! The shower was a great mix of old and new friends who were incredibly generous with all the fun gifts...from cute outfits to soothing swings/swaddles and plush cuddly toys...the list goes on and on. Now we just need to figure out what to do with all of them once B.W. arrives!! We also played celebrity baby names in which Tiff won the grand surprise there since she's always had her head in Hollywood. We also played baby bingo and Rachel was the winner! It was a great party...thanks to all who could make it!

Two separate photo albums to view...they aren't the best but they'll do!
Click HERE to view JRo's photos of the baby shower.
Click HERE to view my photos of the baby shower.

Chino Latino

Friday night Shannon and Tiff flew in from Chicago and Kara drove from LaCross for Baby Ward's i thought it would be fun to get together. So Kara along with Allie, Jenny, Shannon, Tiff and I went all went to Chino Latino for dinner. When we arrived the place was hoppin', we had a reservation so we didn't have wait. Unfortunately though, the place was SO loud we couldn't even have a conversation amongst the group, boy how things change as i remember loving that place back in the day...loud and know the old me...who's now saying "it's too loud and crowded in here"!! Regardless it's always fun to see old friends.

Kara and i for years have had this running joke about White Zin, you see Kara drinks White Zin and i've always referred to her as my "white trash wine drinking friend" you know White Zin is not the fanciest of wines but Kara just loves it and i've learned to embrace her lack of taste in wine and now it's become a running joke between us. She was kind enough to buy this shirt of some guys back, LITERALLY, washed it up and gave it to me as a gift. It made me laugh out loud...the times when Karen and Ginger (Kara and I's bar-alter egos) would go out to the bars and Kara would order White Zin and i'd get embrassed (those days have long past). Anyway, Thanks Kara i'll wear that shirt with pride!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip to the Os House

Saturday we went to see the Osendorf's. We took pizza over and hung out for a couple of hours. Was great to see Baby Landon, I had seen him at just 12 hours and then on Sat he was 2 weeks so it was fun to see the changes in him. We were also able to harass Logan and get the low down on all his trick'r treating activities as well as see him in his costume, which was too funny, he was a werewolf. Then of course for dessert JRo brought out two big bowls of candy...holy chocolate bowl...Eeessh no wonder dentists are so busy!! We brought Logan some play dough and i'm not sure who had more fun making stuff...Jason or Logan!! It was a good trip to St Paul to see them...wish they lived closer!