Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 29 Update

Umm i think it looks like I'm smuggling a watermelon and perhaps a couple of cantaloupe for that matter! Eesssh, if it weren't bad enough that my clothes are tight on the belly they are tight on the chest as well. Which has me frequently questioning what it is about large breasts that is alluring to many?! Honestly, I find them to be large, cumbersome and in the way...but that's a whole other conversation!

Ok back to the real point, my belly is growing...and that means Baby Ward is growing. Over the last two weeks I've felt the most bizarre sensations as he does high kicks and somersaults inside my stomach. No doubt he is an active one.

Starting week 30 (this coming week) I'll be seeing the doctor every two weeks to ensure that things are progressing along nicely with BW. In addition to increased doctor visits Jason and i attended Infant CRP last Monday then Wednesday we'll be going to a Breastfeeding class, Saturday we spend 8 hours at the birthing/parenting class and the following Saturday is another 8 hours of "All About Baby". Then we'll be certified parents...errr uhh something like that...armed with information but still clueless!

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