Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Books Galore...

OK i know i've been a slack at updating the blog recently and many of you have been requesting updates!! Let me explain further just why you haven't seen any updates...i've been reading, reading, reading...pretty much every book i can get my hands on with regards to prenatal and post natal. It's such an overwhelming topic that i thought perhaps the more educated I made myself the better i would feel about the whole life changing process. As if the classes we took at the hospital just weren't enough (CPR, Breast Feeding, Birthing and All About Baby's)...i have managed to read the following books...
1. "Heading Home With Your Newborn"
2. "Planning for birth and beyond"
3. Of course the old stand by "What to Expect when Expecting"
4. "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy"
5. "Baby Bargains"
and today i started on "Happiest Baby on the Block"...ohh wait there are more just waiting for me..."Baby Wise" and "Healthy Sleep Habits" are in line next. I'm sure many of my mom friends are reading this thinking i'm crazy but it makes me feel better...i'm sure i'll still be clueless but at least i've tried! A lot of great information out there...and of course a lot to sift through and decide what will work for us.

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