Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Different Kind of Christmas

This year we decided not to travel for Christmas, with me being 33 weeks along i just didn't want to worry about something happening while we drove 10 hours across Iowa/Nebraska or were tried to fly to Maryland and deal with the weather delays, ect so we opted for our first Christmas in MN.

Many of our friends commented that it would be good to stay in MN to avoid the family drama...but the thing is Jason and i both really lucked out in that neither one of us have family drama and there is no stress during the holidays with our families, so its an enjoyable time for us. So we were both really bummed to stay in MN for the holidays.

We made the most of Christmas in Plymouth. On Christmas Eve our friends Mike, Tara, Jen and Scott came over for dinner. We had what is considered to be a tradition in my family...soup and sandwiches with tons of appetizers. We all ate way too much, so we followed up with several games of Wii...nothing says Christmas like a competitive game of bowling! On Christmas Day we headed over to Stacy and Jen's house for a delicious dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and all the other stuff that goes with it!! Ohhhh was i in heaven...i ate enough for myself and tripletes that day!! After dinner the group played Rock Band...I was a spectator as i just have NO musical rythem. Now Jason on the other hand, on the guitar had so much fun that he went to do the splits with his guitar and ripped the entire crotch out of his jeans!

Clearly next Christmas will be different for us as we add one more to our family. It brings a smile to my face to think how next year will be so different as we see Christmas for the first time through the eyes of our very own child!


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