Monday, September 27, 2010

39 Weeks and 6 Days

I'm still shocked that I haven't had this baby yet!! Brody came 5 days early and I thought for sure B2 would follow suite, so much so that I trained my work cover and had my mom come a week early in preparation for the little guy. Clearly he has a mind of his own and is sending me a signal that "he's in charge".

Yesterday I started playing mind games with myself and hadn't felt a lot of movement so I went to be checked out, everything looked to be good he just must have been extra tired! I'm scheduled to be induced today however there are 4 medical inductions in front of me that take priority, I have a feeling this is going to be a good thing given the flu bug has struck our house. Thursday Brody had it, then Nana got it Saturday and now Monday morning Jason. I moved to the couch but also feel like at any point its going to strike me, I've been up since 3 trying to convince myself that I feel fine. I can't think of anything better than being 9 months pregnant with vomiting and diarrhea!!

Stay tuned for me updates on Baby Ward #2's late arrival!

39 Weeks

Here are a couple of pics from my 39th week with B2. I feel really bad as i think this is only the second belly shot i have taken this time around! Not quiet as easy when you are chasing a toddler.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Ward #2's Room

First off, let me start by saying...these pictures do not do the room justice! It's hard to get a good angle so that you can see how it all blends together! Jason spent a ton of time painting the squares, I think he's got a bit of his mom in him (creative side). Originally when we talked about the paint design he wouldn't tell me his vision and I was a little concerned (i don't know why) then once he started in, I knew that B2's room would be as cool as Brody's room! It's pretty much done, other than adding some decor around the dresser and book shelves.

A convertible crib that will grow him! Also a unique mobile for above the crib,
more art design rather than really baby-ish which I felt went more with his room.
Love this chair, it rocks and by the push of a button reclines, which will be perfect for those sleepless nights! You'll see the "C" on the wall but we also have a "D" so we can replace that letter once we decide on the little guys name.
Fun squares painted by Jason, that match the bedding! When he gets older we can move the dresser to a different location and put the bed in between the book shelves which we thought would be a cool option for later! We need a picture or something above the changing table, still looking for the right design.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Swim Lessons Round 2

Today Brody started his second class of swim lessons at Foss. The first class he took at The Marsh was last winter and it was a class to get him used to the water, this time around is more about back floating, blowing bubbles and going under. He was a little bit slow to get going this am but it was the first day and he hasn't been in the water for well over a month, not to mention it was a 9am class. Just like anything, the more he does it the more he'll get used to it and the class doesn't end until December so he's got plenty of time to master the skills. The great thing is that there are only 2 other little girls in the class so he'll get a lot of attention from his teacher Ms Robin.

He blows lots of bubbles in the bathtub but wasn't interested in doing it this am!
Practicing the back float, just getting him comfortable in that
position. As you can see he's got a tight hold on Jason's hand.

37 Weeks and 5 Days (but who's counting!!)

This pregnancy has gone so much faster than I had anticipated. I guess chasing around a toddler and keeping busy with work and other home stuff make second pregnancies go faster, plus I haven't been stressing about it like I did with the first!

I had my 37 week doc appt this past Wednesday and when you are "old" (over 35, by less than a month!!) and pregnant you get an additional ultrasound at the end to see how baby is progressing; ie size and position. I'm not so sure this is a good thing, just to put a little fear in mom the last couple weeks of pregnancy...they informed me that Baby Boy Ward's head was measuring two weeks ahead of schedule and his weight was already estimated to be 7 lbs 10 oz with 3 weeks to go (Brody weighed 7 lbs 13 oz at birth)...they say that at the end baby can gain 5-8oz per week, so at full term B2 could weigh some 9lbs. Alarming for sure even if it's the second baby, after some additional research I did learn that the weight estimate could be off by some 2 lbs, so who knows but one thing they do know is the head size and that, is not a fun thought! Anyway, I go back in on Wednesday for my 38 week appointment and there is a chance that they MIGHT induce me on Thursday or Friday. I'm all for it as the last couple weeks of pregnancy are often times the worst...i'm already not sleeping through the night due to discomfort so we may as well get this show on the road!

We are getting so excited to meet our new little guy...who shall remain nameless until his arrival. We do have two names we agree on so we'll decide the day he arrives if his name shall start with a "C" or a "D".

Apple Orchard

Yesterday we met up with our friends Ann, Andy and Tate at the Apple Orchard. It was a beautiful morning and perfect for picking apples!

Brody was a big helper picking apples on daddy's shoulders!
No worms in this one!
These two he picked off the ground, nice and rotten!
Brody was trying to be strong like Daddy and pick up this pumpkin that
weighted twice as much as he does. He was trying so hard he was grunting!
Tate and Brody on the hay!

Brody's first time petting a horse...

Zoo Trip

Last weekend Brody and I met up with Landon and JRo for a nice morning at the zoo. The great thing was that the MN State Fair was going on so there were very few people at the zoo which we just loved! No shocker but the goats were a hit with Brody again this trip! He was a big
fan of feeding the goats this time.
The "kitty" was pacing the glass so we got an up close view. A first Brody said "meow" then both he and Landon moved on to "roar"...which was pretty cute!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Brody can't get enough time outside. He's always bringing us his shoes and our shoes for that matter and says "outside"! He doesn't care what we do he just likes to be out there, we try and take full advantage because we all know that mid December the last place we will be is "outside"...the other day we cut back some bushes and he was the first one on hand to help "clean up", he's a big helper and is always looking to please both Jason and I.At the beginning of the summer we got Brody a water table which has provided to be the best toy ever, he can play in that thing for hours! He likes it even more when the cute little neighbor girl, Courtney comes over to play with him! Is it possible to think that at the age of 19months he already has a fond attraction to the ladies!?

Fun with Tate

My good friend Ann along with her husband Andy and their little guy Tate came over a couple weekends ago to hang out. Tate is just a week younger than Brody and they play so well together! We are excited as Ann and Andy will expect Boy #2 in December so both our boys will be close in age!

Tate and BrodySerious work with Handy Manny and tools!No night would be complete without tickle time!