Sunday, September 12, 2010

37 Weeks and 5 Days (but who's counting!!)

This pregnancy has gone so much faster than I had anticipated. I guess chasing around a toddler and keeping busy with work and other home stuff make second pregnancies go faster, plus I haven't been stressing about it like I did with the first!

I had my 37 week doc appt this past Wednesday and when you are "old" (over 35, by less than a month!!) and pregnant you get an additional ultrasound at the end to see how baby is progressing; ie size and position. I'm not so sure this is a good thing, just to put a little fear in mom the last couple weeks of pregnancy...they informed me that Baby Boy Ward's head was measuring two weeks ahead of schedule and his weight was already estimated to be 7 lbs 10 oz with 3 weeks to go (Brody weighed 7 lbs 13 oz at birth)...they say that at the end baby can gain 5-8oz per week, so at full term B2 could weigh some 9lbs. Alarming for sure even if it's the second baby, after some additional research I did learn that the weight estimate could be off by some 2 lbs, so who knows but one thing they do know is the head size and that, is not a fun thought! Anyway, I go back in on Wednesday for my 38 week appointment and there is a chance that they MIGHT induce me on Thursday or Friday. I'm all for it as the last couple weeks of pregnancy are often times the worst...i'm already not sleeping through the night due to discomfort so we may as well get this show on the road!

We are getting so excited to meet our new little guy...who shall remain nameless until his arrival. We do have two names we agree on so we'll decide the day he arrives if his name shall start with a "C" or a "D".

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