Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Gram

Always fun to get these notes from school!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Boy/Girl (??) #2

Boy isn't pregnancy #2 so different than #1! First off, I'm definitely a lot more laid back this time around and not as worried about everything. Probably because I don't have time to be worried given Brody is a busy little boy. Regardless I've got to give Babe #2 the same amount of blog time as I did with my pregnancy with Brody! So how do i feel...great! Now that i've past Trimester 1 i've got a lot more energy and feel like a productive part of our home again! On Tuesday I'll be 14 weeks, which has gone so fast! I had my 12 week appt and everything checked out great and baby had a strong little heart beat. At week 13 I went in for the genetic testing which included both a detailed ultrasound and a blood draw. Both checked out great, which is always a relief! Now I'm just anxiously awaiting to find out the sex of Baby #2 so we can start decorating the nursery, i've got another 5 weeks to wait on that! Below are some pictures at week 13...

Profile The tech said that seldom do you get the face forward picture, a little scary baby!This scanned picture isn't as cool as the real deal, but you can see the finger prints in the top of the picture. The actual one looks like baby is waving!


Today we met up with Chad, Kristy, Jon and Jen at our favorite sushi place, Akita. One of the great things about pregnancy #2 is that I'm not as paranoid about everything...like not eating sushi. So tonight I had my ahi tuna that I have been dying for, I figured that the small amount I ate in the roll won't hurt anything, we've been there several times before and never had any issues with food poisoning, so here's to a safe meal!

Brody immediately went to Uncle Chad...Good thing the ladies got the hat memo! :)Jason and Jon...you should have seen the amount of sushi these two boys consumed!

Time At The Park!

We *think* spring has finally arrived in MN but sure as I post this we are going to get hit with one last spring snow storm, seems to happen each year around this time! Regardless we've been taking advantage of getting outside for walks and trips to the park. We are thankful to have a very nice playground in our neighborhood, just down the hill. Brody LOVES to swing, in fact so much that when swing time is over he gets mad! :) He also likes to rock in the car below. Can't wait till we can go to the park in shorts and t-shirts!

Bunny Brunch

Yesterday we went to the Junior League Bunny Brunch at the Golden Valley Country Club. We met a ton of our friends there and of course had a special table filled with JRo, Jesse and Landon as well as Paul and Becky Brown with Abby and Spencer! They always do such a great job, we had a big breakfast and Brody ate more eggs and waffles than we have ever seen him eat! After breakfast we went and saw the Easter Bunny, and similarly to Breakfast with Santa, Brody couldn't take his eyes off him (but didn't seem to be scared), following that Jason took Brody in for some art time. It was a great morning!

Wizard of Oz

Friday I got out of the house for the first time in forever for a Girls Night Out. Three of my coworkers along with JRo and myself went to dinner at D'Amico Kitchen in the Chambers Hotel and then went to see the Wizard of Oz production at the Orpheum. We had so much fun, the meal was incredible, the play was well done and the company was incredible too! I must get out more!

Me, April, JRo, Jill and HollyJRo and I

Mall Of America

Last weekend Brody and I ventured to mall of America to see my cousin Suzann and her 3 girls from Nebraska who were in town for a gymnastics meet! Was so much fun to see her as it's been several years and I hadn't met her daughters. Suzann is my 2nd cousin so I assume that makes her daughters my 3rd cousins and Brody's 4th cousins, really? Big family obviously! Brody loves all the excitement of MOA and people watching so he was very content as we strolled around the mall!

Snap Shots

A look out the window, can't wait till it gets nice and we can run around the back yard!
Who needs the toy to pop the ball when you can utilize Daddy's mouth. This is one of Brody's favorite things to do. Put the ball in and Jason pops it out, he's tried to do it with me but has quickly learned that its a game he just plays with Dad! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monkey See...Monkey Do...

Brody is quiet the character these days...he loves to watch you do something and then do it. Most notably he enjoys accessorizing like his mamma does. I wear a headband frequently around home, like to keep my hair outta my face. Brody now likes to remove the headband from my head and put it on his. Also, if he sees one laying around he knows exactly where it goes, on his head. It really is funny!! This last Saturday I left a scarf laying on the couch, Jason picked it up and put it around Brody's neck and it didn't bother him a bit, hot pink is the perfect color on a little boy you know. If I only could have captured the picture with the headband and scarf on at the same time that would have been priceless! He's a couple of pictures of him...

Friday, March 19, 2010

First Trip To The Dentist

Yesterday I took Brody to see the dentist for the first time. Not that we have concerns at the early age of 13 months but his dental health is very important to us. Of course Brody loves the pacifier and I wanted to make sure I knew from a dentist when would be the best time to remove that crutch. All and all Brody's teeth are developing nicely, he does have a slight "jet" on his two front/top teeth due to the binky, but the dentist said as long as we kick the habit by 18-24 months that this is reversible. We talked about Baby #2 and Dr Raether highly recommended that we transition Brody off his binky before baby arrives. He recommends 3-4 months ahead of time so in June we'll make that transition, by slowly snipping off the tip of the pacifier so it no longer "works". In addition, we had only been brushing Brody's teeth at night but we need to do it in the morning as well, another task to add to the routine! (I took my camera but there were no opportunities for photos! I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask the assist to photograph the event!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

13 months...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

Brody is one busy little guy! He doesn't sit still for one minute and if you accidentally leave the gate open to the stairs he's up them in no time! Takes a bit of work to keep up with an active 13 month old! He's lots of fun of these days and keeps us on our toes!

Easter bunny came early and dropped off the everywhere chair from Pottery Barn. He LOVES the thing, he often crawls up in and just sits there....Or like any small child stands on it and tries to reach anything he can. Won't be long and we'll have to relocate the chair or he'll have a heck of a good time with the lights!
The other morning he discovered the basket where we keep the blankets would be a fun place to hide...
And of course the bar stools make a great jungle gym, he likes to crawl through all three of them and sometimes get stuck and of course we hear his plea for help!
And last...the horse which bounces up and down and spins around. He's not quiet heavy enough to make it move himself so we assist and he's got the grin below the whole time!

Fun with Friends!

I've been such a slack lately with blog posts, in the evening and on the weekends when i have spare time, i can be found on the couch or napping in my bed. I forgot how the first trimester really zaps your energy!!

A couple weekends ago we said farewell to our dear friends the Reierson's who moved to Singapore. They also had to take their darling little daughter Kate, we offered to keep her but they didn't take us up on the offer. She really is the cutest little thing and as you can tell from the pictures below, Brody adores her! We'll keep in touch with them on Skype as we hear of all their worldly adventures!!

Drew stopped over with his mom Erin the same day to drop off Brody's birthday gift. They were too cute together, in the last picture Brody is trying to give Drew a hug! We've got to get these boys together more often!