Tuesday, March 16, 2010

13 months...BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

Brody is one busy little guy! He doesn't sit still for one minute and if you accidentally leave the gate open to the stairs he's up them in no time! Takes a bit of work to keep up with an active 13 month old! He's lots of fun of these days and keeps us on our toes!

Easter bunny came early and dropped off the everywhere chair from Pottery Barn. He LOVES the thing, he often crawls up in and just sits there....Or like any small child stands on it and tries to reach anything he can. Won't be long and we'll have to relocate the chair or he'll have a heck of a good time with the lights!
The other morning he discovered the basket where we keep the blankets would be a fun place to hide...
And of course the bar stools make a great jungle gym, he likes to crawl through all three of them and sometimes get stuck and of course we hear his plea for help!
And last...the horse which bounces up and down and spins around. He's not quiet heavy enough to make it move himself so we assist and he's got the grin below the whole time!

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