Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Gram!

Good work Brody!

Stroller Ride

On occasion the little ones get to go for a stroller ride around the school. Ms Shea took some cute pictures of Cam when they were out and about!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snap Shots of Cam

Cute pictures from daycare of Cam!


Cam's teachers are so great about taking pictures of him, I just loved these in his little hat! It's actually Brody's hat and a little big but his other hat is too small and I refuse to buy him a new winter hat in April, although here in MN we might have winter in July at this rate!

Meal Time

Obviously when you are 19 lbs at 6 1/2 months you don't miss many meals! Cam has pretty much enjoyed all different fruits and veggies and the only thing that sends shivers down is spine are peaches! Perhaps with time he'll grow into loving them but right now he doesn't. Below are some cute pictures they took at school.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tired Boy

Sunday morning we were rushing around trying to get Brody and Daddy out the door for swim class. I put Cam in his jumparoo so that he could be entertained in the meantime. After the boys had left, I was cleaning up from breakfast...Cam was still jumping away. Once I was done I went over to find Cam fast asleep in his jumper, at times STILL jumping while his eyes were closed. I suppose he like the motion to sooth himself to sleep! Sweet little baby boy!

RIP Mr Binky

5 days ago we said goodbye to a dear friend, Mr Binky. He spent countless hours with Brody for 26 months of his life and Brody didn't go anywhere without one! I took Brody in for his annual dental appt on his 2 year birthday, the pediatric dentist took one look at his mouth and said, he sucks a pacifier doesn't he? We knew it was time to take the pacifier away but we had to wait until it was the right time for both Brody and us. Months prior it was removed from his afternoon nap, then we took it away during the car ride so for the last couple of months he only got it at bed time. The slow transition definitely made it easier for him (and us), first couple of nights he asked for it but now he doesn't. I had the joy of throwing them all in the trash on Saturday. Good work Mr Brody!

Fun With Daddy

Daddy is always so much fun. He finds time for tickles every single night...and now he can give them to both boys at the same time! As you can see, they love it! Some nights Brody wants Daddy to himself and will say "No tickles for Cam"'s pretty cute!

Cam 6 months

Our little butterball is 6 months! Weighing in at a hefty 19 lbs 4 oz, this boy doesn't miss a meal! Soon enough Cam is going to out weigh his big brother who's a light weight at 28 lbs @ 2 years. Cam has a had a lot of respiratory issues this winter, we took him to the pulmonologist who confirmed that he has acid reflux but overall his lungs look good. He's been having a lot of issue with diarrhea as well that lasted 3 months so we took him to the GI doc to have that checked. All the results came back negative and the GI doc said that some babies just have an immature GI track and that can happen. Since we've started him on solids the diarrhea has since gone away. Cam is also a challenge at night, he still likes to eat every 3 hours. With all the respiratory issues we've had we couldn't implement the cry it out strategy so he's gotten used to have a lot to eat in the middle of the night, hence 19lbs! He's got the sweetest little personality and is incredibly happy during the day and he LOVES to jump in the jumparoo and play on the floor with Brody!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Brody is now starting to realize that Cam might be kind of fun. He's being such a big helper bringing Cam all sorts of toys and often times trying to put Cam's binkie in his mouth. Brody also finds Cam quite funny, if Cam is squealing or talking Brody laughs out loud which makes Cam even more excited. I can see they are already starting to develop a very special bond at a young age. It's so much fun to watch them interact...


We turned the basement into a play room and we've got all sorts of fun toys down there. One of Brody's favorite things are the cowboy hats. Often times he'll put one on the minute he gets down there and wear it the whole time!

Camden and Brody - Misc Snapshots

A few snap shots of the boys, Brody 2 years and Cam almost 6 months.

Brody loves to clean out the pantry and bring us random items.
Was funny he selected two of the heaviest items in there! I guess starting to train
early like his daddy!

Brody pretty much refuses to smile when I get the camera out now...
ohhh being 2 is so much fun!
Cam is the sweetest baby and oh so smiley all the time! He's at a very fun age now!