Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hat Day at Primrose

Today was hat day at school, both boys wanted to wear a sombrero...
It's the little things that make day to day life fun! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Snapshots

Jason's coworker Matt invited us over for some pool time.  The boys had a blast!
 King for a day!
 Cowboy/Water Day at school!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Nebraska Part 4

I always take so many pictures when we go home i have to break them up!  

Mmm nothing like watermelon on a warm summer day! 
 Grandma Ellen is such a trooper, this picture was taken right after she finished treatment for the day.
 Love her and this picture of us.  Stay positive! 
 Grandma Ellen, Grandpa Ed and the boys.
 On our way back to Minneapolis we stopped by my old college roommate's cabin for the day.  Connie and Matt have all sorts of fun water toys.  It was just the break we needed on our 10 hour drive! 
 The boys refused to sleep in the car for the first 4 hours so they were tired. 
It only took a jet ski ride with Daddy to put Cam to sleep! 
 Cam and Isabell
 Connie with her 4 girls;  Claire, Isabel, Lydia and Lorrel with Brody, Cam and Mommy!

Nebraska Part 3 - Fun with Nana and Pops

Brody and Cam love going to Nana and Pops in Merna.  
There is something special about a small town, you create your own fun while you're there!  

Something simple like walking in the street verse on the side walks, no worries of cars racing by...
we didn't see one on our entire walk downtown. 
 Checking out downtown Merna! 
Only in a small town can you stand in the middle of the street for a picture!
All that walking was exhausting so Brody and Cam took advantage of Nana and Pops for lift!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nebraska Part 2

Today we headed up to Dunning to visit Aunt Meredith on the ranch.  

The boys got to go for their first 4 wheeler ride with Daddy and cousin Andrew.
 Chillin on the porch on a warm summer day!

 Dad brought a couple of guns so we could shoot blue rocks.  I'm horrible and not a big fan of guns...
 Jason on the other hand was really good.  So good that Dad gave him a gun and 
he's been shooting at the gun range here in Plymouth.
 Happy 4th of July! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Nebraska Part 1

We had a great trip to Nebraska, It's just good plain fun while we are there!  

My friend, Tony from high school works at Red Line Tractor Implement so we 
stopped by so the boys could sit in the tractors, they loved it! 
 That's one BIG wheel!  
 Brody got to drive the tractor with Tony, he thought that was pretty cool! 
Cam and Brody with Grandpa Ed
Whenever we come back home, cousin Toninette always drives from Lincoln to Merna to visit us. 
Nana got us all the yummy fixings for smores!   Mmmm...
Cam was fascinated by the old school water pump at Nana and Pops house.  

Things you only get to do at Nana and Pop's house!