Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun At The Cabin!

We are fortunate enough to have good friends, Jen and Jon who have an awesome cabin in northern Minnesota. They invited our family to join them for a weekend, so we made the 2.5 hr drive up north and had an awesome weekend. Brody had the most fun as Jon entertained him with fishing feedings and boat/jet ski rides. A ride on the jet ski
Jon and Jason were having fun with Brody, pulling his socks to his knees
and then putting on his sandals...too funny! Feeding the fish
Headed to the water to feed the fish
Cam also had fun with all sorts of new areas to explore
Playing on the sandy beach

Brother's First Bath

Brody and Cam had their first bath together. Cam had a great time but Brody was challenged with sharing all his bath toys with his brother!

Parade and BBQ

We took Brody and Cam to their first parade, both boys really seemed to enjoy it! Afterwards we went to a BBQ.

Brody chillin' on the steps of the tree house.Cool Dude!
A tire swing attached to a HUGE tree, Brody could have spent all day in it!
Jason and the boys enjoying the parade.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Datus Family Visits MN

We had a great weekend with Geoff and his family! They made the long trek from St Louis to Minneapolis Memorial Weekend for Cam's baptism. Thankfully the weather was decent so we could get outside and play. We also make a trip to the Mall of America so the kids could check it out. Unfortunately the lines were quite long in the amusement park so we just checked things out. My first trip to the American Girl store, that really makes a gal want a daughter. Although I quickly realized picking out Legos with Jack was a lot easier! Perhaps boys ARE easier!?

Thanks to my brother for making the trip to MN, we really only fought once when I requested plate usage...not too bad considering! Love ya bro!

Cam's Baptism

Memorial weekend we had Cam's baptism. Geoff, Jenee, Jack, Jayce, Julia and Jordan made the long drive from St Louis to be here for the special event. Geoff and Jenee are Camden's godparents so of course they were coming but it made for an even better weekend with the kids being able to join us. Nana was here as it was the end of her 4 week stint in Minneapolis and she got to spend it with all 6 of her grandchildren! JRo and Jesse are Camden's other set of godparents, we are so blessed to have all 4 people in their lives. Cam was baptized by Pastor John Hierlinger at St Philips Lutheran Church, the same place Brody was baptized. After wards friends and family came over for lunch (made by Nana of course!). Thanks to all who made it a special day for Cam.

Nana/Grandma Pam and her 6 grandchildren
Jason and I
Our family!
Group shot!
Jesse, JRo, Cam, Jenee and Geoff...Cam's a lucky little guy!
Me and Cam's Fairy Godmother, JRo!

Brody 2 yrs 4 months

Below are some of my favorite pictures of Brody from our family photo shoot in May. He's as fun as he can be at the age of 2...Opinionated at times and other times very laid back. He really enjoys Matchbox cars, building with Lego's and playing outside. He's still a skinny little guy who isn't motivated by food so it won't take long for Cam to out weigh him! He's talking like crazy now, Jason and I are always surprised with some of the new words he's using. We've also been working a lot on manners with him and he's doing a great job!
He loved this red balloon until it popped...
Almost had tears but Brandis (our photog) distracted him. Look at how devistated he is :(

Cam 8 1/2 months

Here are some of my favorite pictures of sweet baby Cam. He's 8 1/2 months old in these pics, I can't believe what a big boy he is...and SOOO happy all the time (except when we wanted him to smile for pics)!! He's all over the place, he doesn't crawl on all four but does the army crawl and he's fast and into all of Brody's toys which doesn't go over well. We hear a lot of "No Cam, No Cam". He's still a big eater and we've started him on real food, thus far it's been puffs of all sorts, bananas and avocados.