Monday, June 6, 2011

Brody 2 yrs 4 months

Below are some of my favorite pictures of Brody from our family photo shoot in May. He's as fun as he can be at the age of 2...Opinionated at times and other times very laid back. He really enjoys Matchbox cars, building with Lego's and playing outside. He's still a skinny little guy who isn't motivated by food so it won't take long for Cam to out weigh him! He's talking like crazy now, Jason and I are always surprised with some of the new words he's using. We've also been working a lot on manners with him and he's doing a great job!
He loved this red balloon until it popped...
Almost had tears but Brandis (our photog) distracted him. Look at how devistated he is :(

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