Monday, June 6, 2011

Cam's Baptism

Memorial weekend we had Cam's baptism. Geoff, Jenee, Jack, Jayce, Julia and Jordan made the long drive from St Louis to be here for the special event. Geoff and Jenee are Camden's godparents so of course they were coming but it made for an even better weekend with the kids being able to join us. Nana was here as it was the end of her 4 week stint in Minneapolis and she got to spend it with all 6 of her grandchildren! JRo and Jesse are Camden's other set of godparents, we are so blessed to have all 4 people in their lives. Cam was baptized by Pastor John Hierlinger at St Philips Lutheran Church, the same place Brody was baptized. After wards friends and family came over for lunch (made by Nana of course!). Thanks to all who made it a special day for Cam.

Nana/Grandma Pam and her 6 grandchildren
Jason and I
Our family!
Group shot!
Jesse, JRo, Cam, Jenee and Geoff...Cam's a lucky little guy!
Me and Cam's Fairy Godmother, JRo!

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