Friday, July 30, 2010


We went to all you can eat sushi dinner for Jason's birthday at our favorite place Akita.

Forcing Brody and Landon to hug!
Landon and Brody plotting their big escape!!
Our waiter sang Happy Birthday to Jason with his can
image what his one man band sounded like! Group shot, bummer Jesse wasn't looking!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Jason turned the big 36 last weekend, we went out for sushi with friends...then planned to have cake after but I forgot it at home! Wish i could say i baked and decorated the cake but you all know better than that! Brody has a sweet tooth so you can see below that he really enjoyed the cake!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Water Play

At school every Tuesday and Friday they have "water day". Here are a couple of pictures the teacher sent! Too cute!

Play Date

We had dinner and a play date with our friends Tate and Christian...they are all very close in age thus never stopped moving to get some good pictures! Brody had a great time with the other boys!

The boys were dancing up a storm!
Post dance...Brody and Tate were tired!

Mmmm Oreo's

Brody had Oreo's for the first time the other night and as you can see he really enjoyed them! I couldn't get him to smile as he was tired but thought the picture was funny!

Hello Nana

Brody "talks" to Nana a lot on the phone...well he listens to her talk. Any chance he can get to the phone he holds it up to his ear! This picture looks like he's deep in conversation!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

17 Months

Wow, these toddler days are fun but exhausting! Brody is nonstop on the go, exploring everything and doing what HE wants. He's definitely a BOY; all out, into trouble, making messes and on to the next thing! He says 8 or so words and knows how to make 7-8 animal sounds when asked (which is too cute!). Jason and I laugh everyday with Brody, he brings us so much joy, I can't imagine life without our little one man wrecking crew!

Looks like a little boy in his Hawaiian shirt from Nana!

Water Park Fun

Last weekend we met up with Jesse, JRo and Landon at the water park. Both Landon and Brody had an incredible time while we were there! (And I'm sad to report i only took 2 pictures!!)

Mmmm Baked Cheetos!The boys; Jason and B aren't even looking at the camera!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

WI Dell's

Last weekend while in WI we headed to the Dells, for those who aren't familiar its a little "resorty" town filled with tons of water parks, both inside and outside (perfect for families!). We had a great time and are looking forward to heading back at the end of July, meeting our good friends the Leppin's from Chicago!
Brody loved both the sandy beach area and the water!
Daddy and Brody headed to the wave pool!
Group shot before departure!As you can tell Brody was beat by the end of our day, he was asleep on Chad's shoulder with in a minute!


Last weekend we went to Wisconsin with the Zastrow's for the weekend. Chad's good friend Dan owns a beautiful cabin in New Lisbon, right outside of the WI Dell's. We had a great time and a full house! Dan's dog "Red" was incredible tolerant of Brody. Brody couldn't get enough of him!
Tickle time with Dad!
Brody wearing the fireplace gloves! I think Daddy had more fun with them on Friday night!!
Brody and his new little buddy Graysen!
Uncle Chad took Brody for his first dip in the lake! He loved it!

Boys Will Be Boys!

The other night it rained a lot and there was a mud puddle on the bike path next to our house. Jason and I attempted to keep him out of the only puddle on the trail but after several times of redirecting we decided why not, he's a boy and this will be one of many messy situations. As you can tell from the pictures, we was incredibly happy that he finally got to play!

Best Friends...well sort of...

A couple of cute pics of Brody with Dolly. He loves to rub his cheek on her fur. He's fearless of animals so we have to be careful as not all animals (dogs) are as tolerant of Brody as Dolly is!

Bath Fun!

Brody LOVES bath time! Loves splashes and doesn't mind water in his face!
He's a big fan of the frog bubble machine (thanks CA Wards)...