Monday, June 29, 2009

Fear The Turtle!!!

Good family friends of the Ward's, Serge and Mee sent Brody his first collegiate outfit, University of Maryland-Terrapins. I was thinking...he can't be a Turtle (what a lame mascot) he'll have to be a Husker (umm what's a Husker??), appears we can't chose either of these schools based on a mascot as neither is too strong!! We've decided that if he's going to be a basketball all-star he'll be going to MD and if he's a football all-star he'll have to go to Nebraska!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Room and Board

Yesterday was an expensive day at the Ward household...we made a trip to our favorite furniture store and finally purchased a new, much needed sectional (that also turns into a sleeper) and coffee table. The current Room and Board sectional we have is over 7 years old and has seen a lot of "butt time" and our current coffee table is glass with sharp corners...which would not be a safe option for when Brody gets mobile! Of course I was hoping that we could get the furniture right away but because it's custom fabric it takes some 8 weeks! Here are the pictures (sectional will be a mushroom color, not the gray shown below), it has a great chase lounge on one side. And we just loved the coffee table that will also serve as an ottoman!

Let's Get Physical

We heard that when you have a baby they turn your life upside down and that is the truth!! As you all know Jason has been a big fan of the gym and it's his stress outlet. Prior to Brody's arrival Jason worked out twice a day and always maintain a HOT bod...while he still has a hot bod, he's certainly not spending as much time at the gym as he used too. And me...well I was always a hit and miss gym girl...going because i had to not because i wanted too. Anyway, neither of us have been spending anytime at the gym or getting any physical activity, just seems there is not enough time in the day. So we decided that if we are going to be swim suit ready by Sept for our trip to Aruba we needed to start working out. Jason did a ton of research on gym equipment and yesterday we finally took the plunge and bought a used Lifefitness elliptical machine for our basement! Ohhh that means I HAVE to workout as I have no excuses anymore...time to work on getting this jiggly post baby body in order!!

Happy Father's Day Jason!

I certainly can't speak for what its like to be a father but I will speak to what I see at home each and every day! Early on Jason helped with Brody quiet a bit but I could tell he was challenged with how to interact with an infant that only eat, slept, pooped and cried. From my conversations with my mommy friends, they all stated "wait until he gets a bit older and see how dad interacts, they have an amazing connection when the baby gets older"...well they were SO right! Over the last two months, I can see an amazing bond forming between Brody and Jason. Jason distinct low voice captures Brody's attention very quickly and he always gets a smile. Not only that but Jason can make Brody laugh and giggle, it totally warms my heart as you can see the joy and deep love that they have for one another. Jason's a great dad and I'm thankful to have a husband who loves to spend time with Brody and is also a great husband!

Brody's First Road Trip-Chicago!

Last weekend we ventured to Jason and I's old stomping ground...Chicago!!! We left on Thursday night around 7pm. The goal was to drive late at night so that Brody would sleep in his car seat the whole way and it worked!! He did so good and slept about 5 of the 6 hour drive. The only downer was that we ran into a very bad rainstorm (in the dark), which was scary as water was covering the road in many places causing the car to hydroplane, but thanks to Jason's good driving we made it to Chicago in one piece!

We stayed with Shannon and Sammy in the city. They have a big beautiful home with every baby toy you could imagine so we didn't have take a ton of stuff with us, which really helped! On Friday, Shannon had her nanny watch her two boys and Brody so that Jason could nap and do whatever and we went for mani's and pedi's. Friday night we had some friends over to BBQ, it was one HOT evening in Chicago!

Shannon, Andrea, me and the babes
Gianna giving Brody a big kissDean, Tiff and BrodyGreat Dad's-Leo and Jason On Saturday morning we ventured to the southside of Chicago to visit Jason's childhood friend Pete, his wife Lia, their daughter Gabrielle and their newest addition, Sydney (10 weeks). Also, Dan and Emilee came over too so it was fun to see the old crew. We had a wonderful low calorie breakfast of cinamon rolls and scones with fruit (i believe fruit cancels out the calories of the pasteries right?!?!) The time together was far too short as we had another event to get too...of coruse we were running late and in typical Chicago traffic, it took us 2 hours to get back to the Murante' thing we DON'T miss about Chicago!!!!

Dan and Brody Brody's already making the moves on Sydney with his hand on her leg!!Emilee and Brody Me, Brody, Lia and SydneyGarbrielle enjoying her sucker!!Jason, Brody, Pete and SydneySaturday afternoon Brody and I hung out at the Murante's, Auntie Tiffy and Auntie Andrea came over for some suntime on the deck. I must admit that i wasn't about to wear a swim suit at this point, post baby with Shannon, Andrea and Tiff who all have hot bodies...WOW does this mama have some work ahead of her!!! My old friend Kristen and her husband Eric and their cute little boy Leland (8 months) came over. Believe it or not Kristen and I met at the gym in Chicago, we always took the same kickboxing class, who'd have thought i'd have a friend from the gym! Anyway, we've kept in touch since we moved to Minneapolis and it was so much fun to see them! Again, for the sake of good friends with kids we still wished we were in Chicago to hang out and watch our friend's kids grow up and spend time together!

Kristen and LelandMe, Brody, Kristen and Leland
In the meantime, Jason was out with Dean (Tiff's boyfriend, who we just love!) for the afternoon. For Father's Day I arranged for Dean to take Jason to the race track in Jolette IL to race. Dean has raced cars for years and is a member of the track, so Jason got to drive a "souped-up" convertable x3 that is equiped for racing with roll bars and a drivers seat. Jason had a ton of fun and said he went about 120mph and said the hardest thing are the turns in the track!! Thanks again Dean for a great time!!!!

Jason ready to race!!

Saturday night, Shannon arranged to have her nanny over for the evening so we could go out on the town. Our reservations weren't until 9 at Athena in we were able to feed Brody and put him to bed before we left for the evening. We headed to Greektown and started in the bar and boy am I outta drinking practice...I had two glassed of wine and had a nice buzz. Are you kidding me?! I used to drink an entire bottle before i felt a nice buzz, boy have times changed!!! So we didn't actually get seated at our table until 10:30, which nowadays Jason and I would have been in bed for at least an hour by now!! So by the time we were done eating it was midnight and the place was still hopin'...typical Chicago style...a city that doesn't go to bed until way after 3am!! While the rest of our group headed to a bar, Jason and I went home (i know, where'd the old Geri go?!). It was the first time Brody had a babysitter outside of someone we didn't know so I wanted to get home. Damelda (nanny) said he didn't wake up once, good boy Brody! Of course Brody didn't care that we went to bed at 12:30...he was still up at 5:30am Sunday morning!

The Ladies...And the gentlemen!Sunday morning we got ready and got the car packed and headed to Elgin to meet up with our friends the Leppin's. They had a little girl Isabelle a month after Brody so we couldn't wait to see them and introduce the little ones to each other! Unfortunatly Brody wasn't in the best mood that morning, perhaps he knew that he had to sit in his car seat for 6 hours! It was so good to see them even if it was a quick visit!

Annie, Isabelle, me and Brody Jason, Jason and the babies!

So now was the time for us to venture back to Minneapolis. The traffic was really bad getting out of IL with the construction and the rain (again). Brody did NOT enjoy the first two hours of his car trip, he didn't cry but he fussed almost the entire time. I tried entertaining him books and toys, but you could tell he just wanted out of his seat. Finally he feel asleep and slept for about 4 hours and woke up about an hour away from home...again slightly fussy but for the most part did very well!

We loved our trip to Chicago and seeing our old friends. There were several people we didn't get to see while we were there but we'll catch you next time around!! There just wasn't enough time in the weekend to see everyone. While we love Chicago (and always will) and loved our experiences while we lived there, both Jason and I agree that we are happy living a slower paced life in Minneapolis while we raise our family! We don't miss the traffic and the countless hours you spend in the car just trying to get from one place to another...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Pics Of Brody!

I just can't get over how well these turned out!!

This is one of favorites with the owl hat on! Makes me laugh! Can't you see this printed on his graduation cake some day!?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More 4 month pics!

Here are a couple more pictures of Brody from Sat...I'm just in awe over how great these pictures turned out!! I'm sure someday Brody will hate these naked pictures, they'll be perfect to pull out for his high school graduation or to show a future girlfriend!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Teaser Picture...4 Months Old!

On Saturday we took Brody to see Paula for his 4 month photos. He was such a good boy the entire time but he was not interested in smiling on command. It's amazing what parents and photogs will do to try and get a baby to smile! Regardless of smiles or not we got some really great shots. Paula sent me this one as a "teaser" until she gets the rest ready for viewing! I was dying over this picture with his big blue eyes. What a doll!

Brody at Daycare

Brody is so advanced already, here is the second email he's sent us from school and he even attached pictures! We told him if he's "twittering" at school he'll be in big trouble!!! =)

Hi Mommy and Daddy!

Here are some pictures of me at school. I got so tired out from playing with my friends, that I fell asleep right there on the ABC mat!! I am really starting to grasp toys and hold onto them and even shake them! Today I am going to have fun reading books with Ms. Shea. Have a great day and see you soon!



This is the bulletin board right outside of Brody's daycare room. It made me laugh...all the infants in the class in the boat, "Gone Fishin'"...(Brody is the baby on the far right!) TOO CUTE!

He's On A "Roll"...!!

Last week daycare notified me that Brody had rolled from his tummy to his back! We knew it wouldn't be long as often times when he's playing on the floor he gets his body turned to the side like he wants to roll over but just can't figure it out. Then when we were seeing Dr Skallurud on Friday for his 4 month appt he rolled over again! So given he's now able to roll over from time to time we thought it would be ok to let him sleep on his tummy as when he was a newborn he loved sleeping that way. So Friday night we put him in his crib on his tummy and would you believe, he rolled over to his back and then threw a fit about being on his back but didn't want to sleep on his tummy either (sometimes you just can't win!!). So we swaddle him with one arm out (as we always do) and he went to sleep on his back. I guess he's just used to sleeping on his back now and until he can roll from back to tummy we'll continue having him sleep on his back!

Week 17 and 18

So I'm a bit behind on my blog updates but I have good reasons! Last week Jason was in San Fran all week so it was Brody and I solo...being a single parent is no easy job!! It wouldn't have been so bad but on Wednesday I started to feel lousy and came down with a cold, which as you can imagine is not easy to get well when you are getting minimal sleep!!

On Friday I took Brody to the pediatrician for his 4 month check up and she gave him a clean bill of health and was very happy with his growth. He weighed in at 14lbs 14oz (50th%) and 24" long (85th%), as she stated long and lean which is a good thing! Here is a picture of him waiting on the pediatrician. Such a big boy! Jason returned home on Saturday and I was so thankful to see him! Brody had woken up in the middle of the night crying and had a temp, so I was up most of the night. Was thinking that it was due to the shots but little did I know that it was more than just his shots. He was still sick on Monday and stopped taking the entire bottle and I had a feeling it was due to an ear infection. So we took him back to the ped and sure enough he had one (mothers intuition they say). You just feel so bad for them as there is really nothing you can do but hold and comfort them. Both Brody and I are feeling much better now!