Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Boy/Girl (??) #2

Boy isn't pregnancy #2 so different than #1! First off, I'm definitely a lot more laid back this time around and not as worried about everything. Probably because I don't have time to be worried given Brody is a busy little boy. Regardless I've got to give Babe #2 the same amount of blog time as I did with my pregnancy with Brody! So how do i feel...great! Now that i've past Trimester 1 i've got a lot more energy and feel like a productive part of our home again! On Tuesday I'll be 14 weeks, which has gone so fast! I had my 12 week appt and everything checked out great and baby had a strong little heart beat. At week 13 I went in for the genetic testing which included both a detailed ultrasound and a blood draw. Both checked out great, which is always a relief! Now I'm just anxiously awaiting to find out the sex of Baby #2 so we can start decorating the nursery, i've got another 5 weeks to wait on that! Below are some pictures at week 13...

Profile The tech said that seldom do you get the face forward picture, a little scary baby!This scanned picture isn't as cool as the real deal, but you can see the finger prints in the top of the picture. The actual one looks like baby is waving!

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