Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Ward #2's Room

First off, let me start by saying...these pictures do not do the room justice! It's hard to get a good angle so that you can see how it all blends together! Jason spent a ton of time painting the squares, I think he's got a bit of his mom in him (creative side). Originally when we talked about the paint design he wouldn't tell me his vision and I was a little concerned (i don't know why) then once he started in, I knew that B2's room would be as cool as Brody's room! It's pretty much done, other than adding some decor around the dresser and book shelves.

A convertible crib that will grow him! Also a unique mobile for above the crib,
more art design rather than really baby-ish which I felt went more with his room.
Love this chair, it rocks and by the push of a button reclines, which will be perfect for those sleepless nights! You'll see the "C" on the wall but we also have a "D" so we can replace that letter once we decide on the little guys name.
Fun squares painted by Jason, that match the bedding! When he gets older we can move the dresser to a different location and put the bed in between the book shelves which we thought would be a cool option for later! We need a picture or something above the changing table, still looking for the right design.

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