Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chino Latino

Friday night Shannon and Tiff flew in from Chicago and Kara drove from LaCross for Baby Ward's shower...so i thought it would be fun to get together. So Kara along with Allie, Jenny, Shannon, Tiff and I went all went to Chino Latino for dinner. When we arrived the place was hoppin', we had a reservation so we didn't have wait. Unfortunately though, the place was SO loud we couldn't even have a conversation amongst the group, boy how things change as i remember loving that place back in the day...loud and crazy...you know the old me...who's now saying "it's too loud and crowded in here"!! Regardless it's always fun to see old friends.

Kara and i for years have had this running joke about White Zin, you see Kara drinks White Zin and i've always referred to her as my "white trash wine drinking friend"...as you know White Zin is not the fanciest of wines but Kara just loves it and i've learned to embrace her lack of taste in wine and now it's become a running joke between us. She was kind enough to buy this shirt of some guys back, LITERALLY, washed it up and gave it to me as a gift. It made me laugh out loud...the times when Karen and Ginger (Kara and I's bar-alter egos) would go out to the bars and Kara would order White Zin and i'd get embrassed (those days have long past). Anyway, Thanks Kara i'll wear that shirt with pride!!

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