Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 28 3D Ultrasound

As many of you know for a baby shower gift from Shannon i received the 3D ultrasound, which was SOO at it's finest. The tech struggled getting a clear image of Baby Ward's face as he still prefers to lay with his feet over his head, so each time he went to take the picture, BW would move his feet causing waves across his face!! If you look at photo #3, the image to the right of his face, yea that's his left leg!! OMG, talk about an uncomfortable position. I'm still banking on an all American kicker verse a ballerina!! LOL!
Anyway, due to BW's position, the tech invited us to come back at 30 weeks (which is this coming week!!) for another sonogram. He felt that with just two additional weeks of growth BW wouldn't be comfortable with his feet over his head therefore we'd be able to get some clearer images! Can't wait for that trip...check back as those photos will be posted!!

Thanks again Shannon!

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