Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chop, Chop!

I've been finding myself being real lazy these days in the hair department. My hair do of choice was a pony tail, nice and easy but with that I found that I kept feeling frumpy! So this past Saturday I decided to do something about it...I went to see my favorite hair stylist Ciara and told her to chop it! Now, don't be alarmed, Ciara is a stylin' little gal and she promised me that i wouldn't end up with a "Mom-Do" I told her to do whatever she wanted...(I know a walk on the wide side huh)...anyway, after 5 inches were chopped off, I ended up with a fun, cute new hair do...that I actually enjoy doing and it doesn't take me an hour just to blow dry thank you Ciara for making me feel fabulous again! I'm loving my new hairdo!

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