Saturday, August 22, 2009

6 1/2 Month Update

Mr Brody is 6 1/2 months old and with that comes a great personality. He's all smiles these days (unless of course there is a camera out) and appears that he's becoming quiet the flirt. Whenever the ladies say hello and talk to him he gets the biggest smile on his face, interestingly enough men don't get the same response!! I've also started to do his a cute little faux-hawk, gel and all. You can't tell so much from the pictures, but he sure looks cute! Jason tells me that Brody is not a Ken-doll for me to dress up...but luckily I'm the one that dresses him in the morning and does his hair so we'll continue on with "beauty shop". He's also become a BIG fan of jumping, he spends a lot of his time in the jumparoo. In fact when you put him in his exersaucer (that doesn't bounce), he continues to try and jump up and down, it's pretty funny! He's still a drooling machine and goes through at least a couple of bibs a day, but no teeth yet. The biggest change recently is that he no longer wants to eat cereal and veggies at night. You'd think by the faces he makes that we were trying to feed him rat poison, when just weeks ago you couldn't shovel it in quick enough...and now he wants no part of it! We'll keep trying!

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