Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Girl

For my birthday I received a fun little gift from my friend Gina, it was a little make up bag filled with bath goodies from Philosophy, one of my most favorite brands. The pack she got me is called Birthday girl, what I liked the most about the gift was the saying on the outside of the bag. There were so many great points that I really appreciated turning 34 and perhaps I have new found appreciate for life and each day now that I am a mom. This is what it said:

Be grateful to have been given one more day, let alone one more year. Remember to dance in your nightgown, sing in the shower, ride a bike, fly a kite and take an occasional "wind bath" in your bare skin. Give those you love big kisses, huge hugs, and the words "i love you" often and always. Nurture your body rather than starve your soul with fad dieting. Spend time with the old and the weary to appreciate your life. One your birthday, call your mother and father wherever they are to thank then for all that they have done for you, even if you think they haven't done enough. Watch the move "life is beautiful" at least once a year. Remember that you are not guaranteed tomorrow and that today is a good as it gets. Thank god for every "thing", every "day", every moment.

Thanks Gina for such a thought provoking gift! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Gina and I when she was over but I did get a picture of Gina and Brody!

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