Monday, November 15, 2010


Brody has been handling all the change wonderfully. He's definitely turned into a daddy's boy and spends a lot of time with Jason. He's in pre-preschool and is loving it, he's learning to play with others and share which can be really challenging at his age. He's also learning a lot; numbers, can spell his name and is a total book worm. We are very pleased with his progress and continue to work with him at home. Today I had his parent/teacher conference, he's doing very well. The teacher stated that he's transitioning nicely from independent play to co-playing, he shows empathy for the other children, he's full of energy and is an explorer, his favorite activity is art (perhaps a little Grandma Judy in him) and he also likes the science table. Where does he fall short...during story time he'd rather be doing his own thing. I find this to be very interesting as he's such a book worm at home, I'm sure with time he'll become more interested in the group reading.

Our little Brody...he brings so much joy and laughter in our life and continues to keep us on our toes!!

Brody wearing my UGG boots
Here he's trying to walk in them, a little difficult!
Story time with Daddy.
Putting Mr Potato head together!

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