Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camden 7 Months

You'd never believe today that Cam was a colicky baby for 8 weeks, he's as happy and laid back as he can be now! It doesn't take much to get a cute little toothless grin from this boy. His favorite thing right now is peek a boo and he really loves all his teething toys (no teeth yet just lots of drool). He can't actually crawl yet but he does the army crawl and gets where ever he needs to go! Cam never misses a meal, he's a BIG boy. He weighs roughly 23 lbs and keeps on growing. He eats 3 meals a day and of course his bottles, we're about to get started on actual food and we're going to test out baby lead weaning (thanks Auntie Amy for the reco). Tonight on a whim I tried avocados but he was not a fan, we'll try again soon! He's already wearing Brody's old 12-18month clothing and as soon as this box of diapers are gone he and Brody will be wearing the same size! I think there is a good chance that within the next year he'll be bigger than Brody, look out! We love this little guy and his nickname around here is "Cam-Jammer".

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