Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maternity Gear

Ok so i've finally had to come to terms with the fact that i needed to store my "normal clothes" and breakdown and buy some maternity gear. The pony tail holder holding my pants together with the bella band just wasn't cutting it anymore. I have quickly realized that i'm in the wrong end of business for this whole baby making process. I have learned that you can take some crap ass material sew a belly panel in it, slap a label on it with the word "maternity" and that alone can increase your retail by 50%.

I went to the maternity store today at lunch and fixed myself up with two pair of maternity pants, black and boring...total $180 (and we don't pay sales tax here in MN). While $180 doesn't sound horrible given i have a zillion pair of $180+ designer jeans...when it comes to maternity you pay $100 for a pair of thin cotton pants...that i'm almost certain you and see my cellulite through! NO LIE! So i've determinded post baby i need to investigate this maternity clothing industry as that is one well oiled machine that's got to be making serious cash.

Thank god my wonderful mother in law Judy is super sewer because she whipped me up 10+ cotton, ohh so comfy maternity tops. THANK YOU JUDY!!!

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