Monday, October 20, 2008

Jason's Shoulder Surgery-"Weight Lifters Shoulder"

Jason had shoulder surgery on his left side today and all went well. I spoke with the orthopedic surgeon post surgery and he shared some photos of inside Jason's shoulder and some of the things he did...of course like most orthopedic surgeons he talked over my head using big words (heck i would too if i was Harvard educated!!)...i'm sure he was getting sick of me saying "what does that mean?" but i didn't care, I wanted to understand what went on...umm i'm still not sure i do but i have a general idea of the process! Sounds like he will be able to shower in 48 hours and will get his stitches out next week! Doc says he needs to take it real easy on getting back to lifting but somehow knowing my husband he'll be back in the gym with Krein and he'll live happily ever after with a weight in his hand!! A before and an after shot...

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